No .OBS file generated from GPS_RAW_DATA with Here2 or mRo Location 1

Howdy Ardumongers,

I’m working on experimenting with PPK using RTKLib with a few different GPS units. To do this in RTKLib you need to generate a .OBS file from the dataflash BIN file, which Mission Planner takes care of. However, what I’ve found is that two of my units do not seem to produce these .OBS files despite having turned GPS raw datalogging on.

I’ve used a mRobotics Location One (M9N), a Here2 (M8N), and a mRobotics Zed-F9 (F9P). Only the ZED will generate the OBS files.

Other threads I’ve found here seem to imply that you have to specifically enable certain messages using the u-center software in order to produce the OBS file.

While it makes sense that the ZED would output these given it’s the most feature-rich unit, I’m wondering what’s stopping the other units from doing so; the threads on PPK in this forum seem to imply any GPS is capable of producing the observation log. What would I need to do to configure the others to actually output these raw logs?

I thought one needs an RTK enabled GPS to generate OBS files, like the M8P or F9P.

obs files are only supported by rtk gps