New APSync Build for Raspberry Pi

There is no option in APSync to flip or rotate videos.

Hi, every thing was working great for few days…
now i have a problem with GPIO14 (tx of the RPI).
i get same problem with 3 Flight Controler that where fine.
i get data bat not read the parameters of the FC (parm list) so can not send command!
is there a way the set other connection as TX (other GPIOxx )?
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I’m following this tutorial: Unlimited range HD streaming with LTE Part 2
to connect to Mission Planner via 4G.

There it says to modify cmavnode.conf. However, I couldn’t find it in the build. Is it renamed?

Please let me know,

Thank you very much!

Cmavnode is not included in my APSync build. mavlink-router is used instead.

The two are roughly similar in their configuration, but you’ll need to check the mavlink-router documentation to be sure.

Thank you very much!

you need add host address “” in udp link

We have the same problem, we tried the bo solution, but we failed, can you help?

Hi Stephen, great work with this image! Is there a somewhat easy way to disable the access point and feed all the data through the ethernet port instead? I don’t have extensive networking knowledge so don’t know if it is possible or not.


To disable the Wifi: sudo nmcli connection down WiFiAP.

Ethernet is enabled by default.

To anyone reading this thread, the APSync build I referenced in the first post is very old.

I’d recommend installing Rpanion-server instead, which is fully compatible with Ardupilot and the Raspberry Pi. It has a GUI for easy changing network, telemetry and video streaming settings.


@stephendade Thank you so much Stephen for providing us Rpanion server, I flashed Rpanion server in raspi OS , connected to Rpanion Web UI. And getting packets, but is that possible to connect to mission planner too at the same time. because am not able to establish udp connection, can you help please ? Screenshot (70)|690x369

Yes. You need to add the IP:port (port is usually 14550) of your GCS in the “add new output” section.

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@stephendade Thanks stephen it’s connected now. You made my day actually i was trying to connect mission planner from last 2 3 days. i have 1 problem now i was using raspi OS and conttroling it through local home network by using VNC but after i flash Rpanion server no longer i can connect it through VNC or even hdmi cable. putty also open command line for Rpanion server only , is there is any way that i can use raspi os and server both together. because i want to do some python script to raspberry.

The Rpanion-server pre-made images are based on RasPiOS Lite, which does not include a desktop GUI. See for details on how to install the desktop GUI.

Thank you so much Stephen. I flashed Rpanion server and install RPD GUI for desktop environment, I connected to access point “Rpanion” and I was using both Rpanion web GUI and remote desktop through vnc server without any problem , Thanks alot for this Rpanion server and your guidance, but unfortunately by mistake i deleted the wifiAP (active ) in network configuration of Web GUI, and now there is no access point “rpanion” , can you help me to start access point again.

The Network Configuration GUI will allow you to add and the activate a new connection.

After delete wifiAP (active), there is no access point , am not able to connect to web gui without Rpanion access point. can i activate or configure it using command ?

You can connect the Pi to your home router via lan. Find the IP (i.e. use advanced IP scanner). Open the webUi by typing the IP you found with:3000 and activate the WifiAP again

I have everything connected through Mission Planner and it is working. The only problem I have is that I cannot access the usb camera connected to the Pi. When I try to view it on Mission Planner, it doesn’t read that the camera is connected to the raspberry pi. What can I do to fix this?

Hello @stephendade , Do I understand it correctly, that the rpanion server is an alternative to APSync? So not both have to installed, to have a companion computer?

I have another question - when shutting down the rpanion (I am using a Raspberry Pi Zero 2W) It always gets stuck with the message “Kernel panic -not syncing:Attempted to kill init! exitcode=0x0000000”. Does anyone know how to fix that?

Thirdly, I want to use the SIM7600G-H 4G HAT to send video and telemetry over 4G however this board is not recognized in the rpanion network configuration. The board drivers have been installed sucessfully. How can this be included in the Adapter List of the network configuration?

Thank you in advance, for your help!