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New APSync Build for Raspberry Pi

As part of a different project, I’ve built a new APSync for the Raspberry Pi. It’s based on the latest Raspian “Buster”, so should work with all models of the Raspberry Pi.

There’s a few minor issues (see here, plus there’s no DFLogger), but mostly works very well.

My build scripts are over at Github, for those that want to build it themselves.

The disk image can be downloaded from


@stephendade Thanks for sharing the image. I tried flashing it on a Raspi 4B. Is this apsync image a command-line only version of Raspian? I am not seeing any GUI even after logging in.


The APSync components are configured as systemd services, so will start automatically on boot.

Thanks! I was able to establish MAVLink but the connection is very erratic. It takes a moment for the link to connect and then it says Link1 down intermittently. Also, I’m getting a lot of junk data. I have the advised baud rate of 921600. Any idea what the problem could be?

Also, what is the user name for apsync? apsync & apsync isn’t working. I am using pi & raspberry as the user login details for now.

That’s the correct username/password. I’ve kept the Raspian defaults.

Are you using MAVLink 1.0 or 2.0? Try switching and see if that helps.

I have tried both and tried TELEM1 and TELEM2 ports of Pixhawk. Similar response on both.

For those looking for documentation on my build, I’ve now got a site with a user manual:

Hi, stephen.
I have a problem executing the “sudo poweroff” command, does it have a solution?

No, I don’t have that issue. That’s more of a general Raspberry Pi issue, so you might get more help on the Raspberry Pi forum.

hello,i used the software and the communication between flight controller-pi3 A±desktop is good
right now i have another problem,i want to connect to the wifi from my pi but i cant ,is this a pi problem or it happens because of the ap sync software??

I tried to make my own compilation with the files and it has been impossible for me because of lack of memory in Raspi-Zero
It is appreciated that you have provided an image that allows you to use Pixhawk with Raspi-Zero would it be possible to compile some more recent version to see if the problem is solved?

The Pi should be broadcasting a WiFi access point with the SSID “ardupilot”. Can you connect to it?

More recent version of what?

Not at all, I created a complete image. Using and but I still get the same error in raspi-zero and in raspi 4 the poweroff problem. You also have to enable chmod for .sh files in some parts Otherwise your collection is excellent. On my own I have not been able to make him walk with the instructions of ardupilot. Especially the part of the mavlink-router

Take a look at the /boot/config.txt and remove the “power switch” section at the bottom of the file. That might fix it.

yes and its working,but in order to download ROS to the pi i had to use a wifi card because my pi has one wlan interface and it is used by apsync

i have another question,if i follow the installation instructions from github is it possible to install apsync to a different raspberry image??

In theory, yes ( I have done it only on a Jetson, not a RPI)
But why aren’t you just using the LAN port in parallel to the apsync wifi access point to access the internet?

Yep, that’s how it works.

Hello again,i need to ask one more thing,is it possible to run apsync in a beaglebone blue/black??thank you in advance!

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