MP shows non-zero wind speed, logs (NKF2) show zero wind speed

Firs of all, I’m new to the community, so shout out to all of the amazing developers, who design and maintain Ardupilot.

Recently I started flying a multirotor with Ardupilot (Pixhawk 1) and I wish to do some post-flight analysis. I set up a simple mission, went out to fly and while in flight using mission planner I could see all of the desired data in real-time, including estimated wind speed and direction. Afterwards I downloaded the logs, from which I managed to get most of the flight data, without wind (and air) speed data.
I tried visualizing the data using MAVExplorer (Ubuntu machine), but the logs NKF2.VWN NKF2.VWE NKF7.VWN NKF7.VWE are all zero. I should point out, that I was flying without an airspeed sensor and with normal GPS (not RTK), but still managed to see estimate wind speed and direction values in MP.

Before flying I set all of the parameters as proposed in the Ardupilot documentation and rebooted the Pixhawk:

  • EKF_ENABLE = 0 (turns off the legacy EKF)
  • EK2_ENABLE = 1 (turns on EKF2)
  • EK2_IMU_MASK = 3 (Instructs EKF2 to run two instances, one for IMU1 (MPU6000) and one for IMU2 (LDG20H + LSM303D)
  • AHRS_EKF_TYPE = 2 (tells the flight control system to use EKF2
  • LOG_BITMASK = 131071 (logs 50Hz data from startup)

I also tried setting the log_bitmask to 45054 (NearlyAll), but the result was the same.

How come I can see the wind speed and direction during flight in MP, but the logs show wind speed zero and how can I obtain a log file including wind data?

There were other members posting similar questions some time ago, but I couldn’t find a proper answer:
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Did you find a solution to this? I am facing the same issue in ArduPlane.