Zero EKF wind speeds in copter?

Hi everyone,

I am trying to obtain the EKF wind speed estimates in datalog from a new 3DR IRIS+. However, they are all zeros currently when I visualize the variables under EKF2/VWN and EKF2/VWE. Here is a shared link to a log file:

Anybody know what the problem is? I tried to update the firmware from v3.2.1 to v3.3.3, the same problem persists. Do I need an airspeed sensor to obtain valid wind speed readings?

Thank you!

Have you found any solution to this? Im ttrying to do the same thing, to log wind speeds

I am facing the same issue. Did anyone find a solution? Currently I’m trying to dig up in the code to see why the wind estimates are always zero, but I’m only just beginning with ArduPilot so any help will be much appreciated!

I’ve done some slow flights in windy conditions, but the wind estimates (NKF2: VWE, VWN) are identically zero. I’m using the stable version 3.5.3 of ArduCopter.

@aditya00j Did you try observing the wind speed and direction in MP during flight and did yout find a solution to the zero values in the logs NKF2: VWE, VWN?