AC 3.4rc5 on Pixhawk V2. How to enable wind speed logging?

How to enable logging of Wind Speeds from the EKF2?
I’m trying to log wind speeds to estimate accuracy against a sonic anemometer @ 20 meters above ground.

I’ve tried various firmware versions and even releases type (stable, dev, latest) and in POSHOLD.

All my logs have a zero value for NKF2 (NKF9) for variables VWN & VWE

The hardware i have is:
Pixhawk V2 clone
UBLOX m8 gps
DJI F450 frame

I have read that wind speed estimation only works without GPS & Magnetometer, is that correct?

Thanks for your help

Maybe a dumb question, but do you have the airspeed module?

Well, That’s not a dumb question.

And no, i don’t have an Airspeed Sensor

Take note that i want to see the data for Wind Speed, not Airspeed.

Do i need an Airspeed Sensor to log VWN & VWE variables (WindSpeed Velocities)?

Thanks for your response

From what I understand, MP can derive windspeed if you are using a plane and no airspeed sensor, but not a multirotor. I haven’t verified that, but have read it a few places. I may or may not be correct.

I also read something similar and that’s why I’m confused, I vaguely remember one day to have seen Windspeed in MP flying a multirotor. But i dont know if that data was good or not. I was not able to record that telemetry.

Thanks BigTulsa

@Armando_Rello I can confirm, that wind speed and direction can be observed in MP while flying a multirotor without an airspeed sensor. Were you able to obtain the wind speed logs in the end?