Where can I find the airspeed value in the log?


I can’t seem to find the airspeed value in the log file - I can find ground speed, but not air speed. I’m looking for the speed AP uses to determine it’s cruise speed. This is the same value that’s available on minimOSD.


EDIT: TECS.sp perhaps?

ARSP.Airspeed, needs a properly calibrated airspeed sensor.

Thanks Anthony - I’m looking for the value that’s displayed on the minimOSD screen - which can be from the sensor or inferred for when a sensor is not available. This is the value that AP is actually using. It could be that the airspeed sensor is displayed.

Alternatively, I’ll use ARSP.Airspeed when a sensor is available, but I still need the airspeed for when a sensor is NOT installed?

TECS.sp is the airspeed that the AHRS/TECS/EKF is using. If an airspeed sensor is not available then it is showing you a computed estimate.

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