Mp 1.3.39 zip file install: crashes on connect

Downloaded the latest and installed it into a new directory. Run mono ./MissionPlanner.exe and it starts up perfectly.

When I connect it hangs on “Mavlink Connecting” forever and forever …

I am using an Xbee on a serial adapter. Switch back to the directory with the older 1.3.38 installed, and it connects perfectly.

Attached are the log files.

BTW, the same hang occurs when I tried to use the Update box when running 1.3.38 and that is why I then did a clean install from zip.

No problems when I did the Update on my Windoze computer, it updated fine and connects without an issue. Only hangs on the Ubuntu computer and running 1.3.39 with mono.


config.xml.txt (560 Bytes)
MissionPlanner.log (35.8 KB)
ubuntu-info.txt (563 Bytes)
hang-errors.txt (69.4 KB)

looking a the logs, something is causing data corruption. I would go back to basics and check your drivers/physical connections

Thanks for looking.

Drivers/physical connections work fine when all I do is change directory to the older 1.3.38 version. That is why I posted, I blew away the entire directory and reinstalled cleanly. Even installed on a different drive to verify.

Any other ideas?


I have run ‘script’ to capture the entire screen session debug info, it is attached below.

At this point, all I can conclude is that the version install has a change that is not compatible with mono-complete:
yakkety (cli-mono): complete Mono runtime, development tools and all libraries [universe] amd64 arm64 armhf i386 powerpc ppc64el s390x

Since it still works with the version install, I’ll keep using that version. Again, with out changing anything but the current working directory to the 1.3.38, it connects perfectly. Sigh.

Maybe the next version of mono-complete will be the answer.

typescript.txt (67.8 KB)


are you running mavlink 2?

A clean install of UbuntuMate 16.04 LTS and then running 'mono ./MissionPlanner.exe". Not running mavproxy, or any other software.

The UAS is a Pixhawk controlled quad with ArduCopter Version V3.3.3