Motor rotating in different speed

Dear experts,

I am facing a problem in my new drone. Specifications of drone :

Motors : hobbywing x6 180kv integrated with ESC
FC : orange Cube
TX & RX : transis Q x 7 access & x8r
Battery : two 6s 18000mah 15c & 30c

Power supplied to cube from different battery. (3s 3000mah 25c connected through power module) .

Problem : motor rotating in different speed.

What i tried : tried ESC calibration but no change…please let me know any additional information required?.

Thanks advance.

Under what circumstance are they at different speed, how are you testing?


Hello @dkemxr ,

First of all thank you for your response. After arming i increased throttle, when throttle reach 15% motor will started to spin…
When i hold throttle at 15~20% it top two motor & bottom left motor increasing it speed, but bottom right motor is still on 15% throttle speed when i increade throttle it’s speed also increase but comparatively slower than other motors.
Hope you understand.

If you’re testing this on the bench then don’t get too worried about the motor speeds. When the drone is on the bench, the control loops are getting confused and it shows up as unusual motor RPM.

Use the motor test function in Mission Planner and make sure that everything there is working as it should.

Hello @Allister , @dkemxr ,

Thank you allister for your response.
I will send a video link below please watch. On motor test all motors worked when throttle value set to 15%.

Video link : hobbywing x6 motors difference speed - YouTube

Second video : hobbywing x6 speed issue - YouTube


Nothing to see of interest in those videos. If you have done all the pre-flight calibrations and Initial Setup take it outside.

Hello @dkemxr ,

Did you see the first video… Both motor have different speed… In second video it automatically turn to left without tx input… Did you notified that?.
So if i take it outside it will crash.

Now i tried to replace the signal wire from esc to cube… The 4th motor is slowest one… ( 4th motor based on motor layout or bottom right motor)
I changed first motor signal pin to 4th main out of pixhawk & 4th motor signal pin to 1st main out of pixhawk.
When i tried this… The 4th motor started to work fine… But 1st motor become slower…
So problem caused by cube??
Thanks advance…

The different speeds are normal and to be expected.

Take it outside and it will not crash.

We have explained this many times to many different users in this forum. You are not the only person that does not understand what an open control loop is. None of the users had a crash when they took the Copter outside.

Read this forum, to confirm it if you do not believe us


Ok @amilcarlucas thanks for your answer. I will try.

This is meaningless as we have been trying to tell you.

I’ll echo what the others have said. Make sure you have completed the motor tests with MOT_SPIN_MIN and MOT_SPIN_ARM set correctly. Make sure all the motors are spinning the correct direction for their position. That’s all you can really test on the ground. The speeds will be different and errors will multiply because the drone can’t move (or move fully) to allow the control loop to do it’s thing.

Ok @Allister i will try it…