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MicroArduCopter, 3" props, Omnibus Nano, Success!

(Hugues) #263

love your build. Excellent vibration dampening idea and simple light frame. You can still optimize your weight by using the T motor F10 4500Kv which are 6g versus 10g (with wires) with your current motors ! These are the motors I’m going to use on my ongoing build.

What are the dimensions of your frame plate ?

(Paul Atkin) #264

Almost all controllers have sd card slot. The issue is specifically with omnibus nano v6 - it is the only one FC in 20mm mount that can run arducopter. It does not have sd card. I made it all work, will post gecko build pictures later.
Kakute f7 has it all and it is a pleasure to work with, but it is a bigger 30.5mm mount FC.

(Hugues) #265

Ok thx.
What about the HGLRC F428 stack that has a STM32F405R processor and a MPU6000 IMU which are the same as the Omnibus F4 that is supported by Ardupilot ? If CPU and IMUs are the same, it should not be a problem to be supported by Ardupilot. Anyone tried ?

(Paul Atkin) #266

do you mean this one? ESC is a blheli S - not a blheli 32. that is a no go for me now, as on those small controllers and 4in1 esc it is very convenient to have esc telemetry working and get current and voltage readings from esc.
controller i never looked at before, if it has 1mb+ flash space - it wold work. it looks very similar to nano v6, that one - also no SD card slot. also, i suspect, it has way less uarts, just guessing from looking at the picture.

the combo i used and liked so far was this:

Omnibus F4 Nano V6 Flight Controller
60mm cable omnibus-f4-nano-v6-flight-controller-60mmcable=yes 1 $27.99
25A Ori32 4in1 ESC (20x20) BLHELI_32bit - (MUILTSHOT)
30mm S.H Ez cable 25a-ori32-4in1-esc-20x20-blheli_32bit—muiltshot-30mm=yes 1 $35.99

it is from ReadyToFlyQuads site - cheapest price, but, the worst customer support, if anything is not ok - you will be out of luck - they almost never respond back and do not communicate well. also, i got a set of 1105 motors and they had on site a teaser to put a set of free 3" props if you get 4 motors - of course it was not in the package, not a big deal for me, but, leaves a bit of a bad aftertaste. but, still, cheap - $28+$36 for a stack.

then i use eachine VTX03 plus a lite micro predator camera with matek gps. may be will add esp8266 card, will see.

(Paul Atkin) #267

here is the 3" gecko with final set of components it will have - 160g total, as shown, including top shelf that is now taken off and a battery strap. i just received 4" gecko frame - that one makes much more sense. so, collection is growing.
i am still not sure what to do with an 3" owl. will figure it out later.

what is good about all those armattans - a lifetime warranty on the frame, titanium cage around camera and overall immortal design. immortal in the sense - i think the highest altitude for a 6" rooster was about of 60m where i had an issue and let it drop into the ground. no damage to amything, other than props that simply disintegrated at the impact. :slight_smile:
only grudge - it is a classic open props design, not safe with kids.

(Hugues) #268

Very nice.

Yes that one.

Does this Gecko frame has 2 stacks mounting capability (I see the huge empty space in front of your FC/ESC stack) ?

Why do you say the 4" frame makes more sense ?

What are the motors ? (Titan…)

(Hugues) #269

Actually it has 16MB of onboard flash for data logging:
Upgrade Micro F4 Flight Controller: ( Dshot Version, building on top level)


CPU: STM32F405RGT6, dual 8K.

Black Box: Flash 16M

Input Voltage: 2-4S Lipo

Built-in Betaflight OSD to adjust PID

BEC Output: 5V@3A

Size: 25x25mm board, 20mm mounting holes (M2)
Board Thickness: 1.2mm


Support Subs/PPM/DSMX receiver

So combined with a BL-Heli32 4 in 1 ESC, it would have it all with 20x20 mounting holes and lightweight.

(S) #270

That’s all the same as the omnibus nano, isn’t it?
No SD card. 16 meg flash.
Does it have a barometer?

(Hugues) #271

I do not see any baro on it, nor in its description.
So does Arducopter data logging work on the flash memory or only on a SD card on these boards ?

(Paul Atkin) #272

without baro it is no good.

it is the one in 20mm mount, i think, the only one for now that works.

as of 4" gecko - 4" props are way more adequate with 1407 motors, i think. 3" props simply not big enough - again, with minimum weight i have here 160g. 4" will be same 160g but on 4" props. a whole different thing.

i ordered armattan motors - they are actually quite ok. you can look it all up on the heli-nation site link i gave before.

(RickyG) #273

Hey out there.
Anyone recommend an AIO board, I want to upgrade a machine I have. No need for ESC’s on board as I have a 4 in 1 already. But it’s running APM mini and it would be good to upgrade it.
Looking for something easy to setup…GPS, telemetry and a UART port so I can connect an OSD.
Oh and something that doesn’t require a computer science degree to setup, but cheap lol.

Oh and not from Readytofly. I ordered a GPS a month ago. Still not shipped and no response. I had to finally open a Paypal complaint. Which sucks because I have never had issues before.

(Paul Atkin) #274

readyto fly is like that.

i switched now to amazon, mostly, as i have prime. is also ok, but pricey. dunno.

i would recommend this GPS to use:

or for bigger models -

both GPS have compasses and both do work well. GPS units from witespy are mostly garbage compared to those 2.

as of AIO - i like kakute. not sure of simplicity of it, and not sure if it is OK or you, as you will need to deal with latest dev build, not sure if kakute is or is not in the stable build. to my taste it is an excellent F7 chip, very flexible.

now, as of AIO - it makes sense if you are building with separate ESC units per each motor. then, yes, AIO is best. if you plan to use 4in1 ESC - then AIO makes no sense at all.
kakute chips are in 30.5mm mounts.

latter one matches well with this:

look it up, it is nice. for 20mm mounts i posted above what i just used - nano v6 and Ori32 combo. but, it is more problematic. with kakute you will have OSD in goggles, SD card and 7 UARTs.

(RickyG) #275

Thanks Paul.
I have the GPS OSD and so on. I really just need a flight controller. I am not concerned about using the master just worried about things like having to flash a boot loader or something odd like that. Mind you with instructions I can usually get it done.
Are you suggesting that all three of these controllers will fly Arducopter. If so I best give them a good look.

I think I like this one

HolyBro Kakute F7 AIO Flight Controller

I would go with individual ESC’s

But this has an OSD…do you flash it with Minimosd or use the native one that comes with it.

(Ricardo Maroquio) #276

The 1106 motors are <7g. The frame is 150mm of diagonal. I took a look at f10 specs and something made me use 1106… :thinking: I don’t remember. But I will check it again. I have a dynamometer to do motor tests Tha gives me all info about the motor. I will buy at least one to make some tests.

(S) #277

Not yet…

And about motors, (To anyone reading the entire thread, I’ll sound like a broken record… but the thread is long)
I’m a big fan of the smaller motors like 1103 or 1402’s on 2s. My motors are about 4grams each. And like I’ve mentioned, I can go 100mph for a few minutes, or slowly hover around for over 11 minutes on a 950mah battery.
Maroquio is in a territory I’ve never explored, though, using bigger lower KV motors on 2s. Most people are running those on 3s. I’d imagine they’re very efficient on 2s.

(Paul Atkin) #278

Osd is embedded in those controllers, you do not need minimosd module at all.

(RickyG) #279

How about flashing the boot loader.

(Dave) #280

This is painless. Ardupilot has bootloader integrated firmware versions to flash from Betaflight Configurator. Once that is done you are in the Ardupilot enviroment.

(RickyG) #281

Super thanks man.
going to order one then.
Oh wait…I think your saying I need to use betaflight to flash the bootloader. Then I am in ARducopter world.
Ok never used it before, but hey first time for everything.
Anyone know where you find this firmware.


(Joe Breznai) #282