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MicroArduCopter, 3" props, Omnibus Nano, Success!

(Hugues) #283

Does Arducopter support camera control (OSD, mode change, start/stop recording) feature with these F4/F7 boards (like what Cleanflight/Betaflight firmware allow to do) ?

(S) #284

Not yet…

(Paul Atkin) #285

so, where we are with this is:

for F7 chips @tridge implemented full control over UARTs/USARTs.

so, for the implementation of those protocols that use 1 wire you need to setup UART with the 3rd bit in the mask of the SERIALn_OPTIONS parameter to force it into a half-duplex mode. it works only on F7 controllers where UART/USART can be set programmatically. after it is set to half-duplex - somebody can try to write an implementation of a high level protocol to talk with a camera - smartaudio - or whatever else needed. same for the S.PORT connection - you set all bits high in this scenario to enforce inversion and half-duplex (value 7), set high level protocol to 10 and solder s.port wire to a TX pin of an UART.

to make all the same work on F4 chips more work is needed to add a softserial low level protocol implementation as on F4 chips you cannot control UART programmatically.

(Paul Atkin) #286

to be very specific - you use betaflight configurator and for kakute F7 you need to flash this file:

i would add, that the best approach is to set your own ubuntu machine with a compiler as described in the arducoper wiki, have a local copy of arducopter code you can modify to make your own custom builds.

(Hugues) #287

I am going to make a custom 3 inch microbuild based on:

-FC: Kakute F7 (,
-Tekko32 4in1 esc (BLHeli 32) (
-VTx : Kakute Atlatl HV V2 (, Runcam split mini2,
-A custom designed “2 stack” 3inch frame I will first 3D print for validation, then have it cut in CF (or sandwich CF/Plywood for lighter weight)
-Runcam split mini 2 for FPV and HD video recording (
-Motors will be the new Emax RS1106 II (6g/motor)
-Will run Gemfan 3025 props (2 blades, not three)
-On a custom 2S LiMn pack (3500 mah). Should provide a very long flight time.

All seems to fit on a 142mm motor to motor frame without any prop view (>165° FOV):

Expected weight will be around 140gr according to my simulation.

(RickyG) #288

ah no thats not going to happen.
I can turn a pc on and off…I can boss people around and tell them what to do with the servers I am in charge of…but installing unbuntu and building custom builds…um not going to happen.

But I do really appreciate the guidance on the Kakute. I will still consider going after a machine and giving it a try.

(S) #289

That will be great!
I just ordered a double stack frame on a black friday sale.

(S) #290

The specs on that ESC say 3s.
I’ve had a lot of trouble finding new ESC’s that actually run on 2s. A lot of the new ones that say they support 2s cut out at 7v. I sometimes droop all the way down to 5v! (5v is worst case, but freezing weather, 1/2 full battery and give it full throttle = ~5v).
I need another ESC now, and am trying to decide if I try another 32 bit one, which is honestly rolling the dice for 2s. Or just get an older S one, I know will work. (Trying to buy it today for the sales…)
I’ve got several 32 bit ESC’s that all said they support 2s, but don’t, and are worthless to me… The stores won’t take them back.
I asked airbot about the ori32, and they told me the reason they cut out at 7v is due to the mosfets they use having a low voltage cutoff. There’s nothing they can do about it. I’d assume it’s the same for the other manufacturers.

(Paul Atkin) #291

I would try using smaller lighter esc may be. Also, eachi e vtx03 is smaller than atlatl. Tekko is quite good for bigger motors - I do now almost same build for a 6" lr ti chameleon, on f7 and tekko esc.

(Paul Atkin) #292

You can use file i sent link to. Or i can help with a custom build if u will need one. It is not very difficult.

(RickyG) #293

Thank you Paul. So dumb question but what would a custom build be. Do you mean compiling it specially for Kakute, or it means something else. Like frame specific for instance.

(Dave) #294

The problem with the Ori32 is even Airbot claims (still) on their website “supports 2-4S lipo input”. So of course all the other suppliers will make the same claim. I don’t understand this…

(Paul Atkin) #295

I use different layout of ports, it requires change to hwdef file used during build. I do not think you would need it, a default build configuration is good.

(RickyG) #296

Ya I don’t think I need anything special.
UART for OSD/Telemetry Modem
USB port
UART/I2C port for the GPS.

Other then that I just need it to fly my 500mm quadcopter.
I want to overhaul this machine

I want to move to 32bit and remove some of the redundant hardware the old APM mini needs.

(S) #297

They aren’t the only ones either! I forget the brands right now, but I’ve got a few different ones that all said 2s, and none of them work below 7v. A few websites do list them as 2s(7v) so at least they are sort of honest… But not usually.
It’s like the manufacturers don’t actually fly or know what they’re designing these products for… I mean, 2s on the bench is 7v. But not in flight.

The only 32 bit one I found that works properly on 2s is a racerstar 12A esc. I want something around 20 amp… All the 25-30 amp ones I tried did not work on 2s.
If anyone knows of any, post what it is.

(Hugues) #298

Do you mean this one ? :

It seems to support BLHEli_S, not BLHEli_32.

(Hugues) #299

I did not find 4-in-1 Blheli_32 ESC (supporting at least 10-15A) for less than around 17g (and their weight seem more or less the same in the 30x30 or 20x20 format).

The main weight factor seems to be Blheli_32, as there are indeed lighter ESCs but with Blheli_S (is that due to the extra sensors/components required to measure telemetry/current in Blheli_32 ?)

(Paul Atkin) #300

ori32 is the one discussed above - it is a 7.5g blheli_32. it is of course is not as powerful as 17g tekko32, but, what is needed for a 3" model?

(S) #301

It was the “tattoo” version, and it’s no longer being sold.

(Hugues) #302

Pretty light indeed and it has Blheli32 but it does not support 2S if I understood well ?

What about these two models, anyone has tried them : both are declared 2S compatible and Blheli32 (but still around 17g):