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Long range UAV link 100mw for 60KM was designed and tested

(cala2) #307

From Argentine, south America :slight_smile:

(RickyG) #308

Oh dude your killing me. I worked 2.5 years in BA, out of the IBM Olivos site. I lived in Puerto Madero Buenos Aires, I LOVE Argentina. Glad your part of the Skydroid Family.

(cala2) #309

My native language is spanish if it usefull to translate and some experience with drones too. Im going to try to help with instructions.

(cala2) #310

Lol, how small is the world, my mom born in Olivos lol, I live near Mar del Plata, 400km from BA. My first approach to computers were at IBM course in BA many years ago… perhaps you where my teacher? :thinking: lol

(RickyG) #311

I know Mar del Plata.
I went through there once when I went on a driving tour, with Bhahia Blanca as the end of the line before heading home. As for manual, anything you can do to provide input would be appreciated. I am hoping everyone has a positive experience with this and that Skydroid can get other products out to the greater Drone Enthusiast community.

muchas gracias mi amigo Vuelo seguro

(MartinKeilloh) #312

Rick i really like the look of the black hawk

(Cornel Fudulu) #313

@Tom-fly are you aware of the issues with Pixhawk 4 and SBUS signal ? Check out the thread below before having a mishap. I’ll prowl into my P4 later on, searching for the means to disconnect the DSM path from the input pin.

(Tom-fly) #314

No I wasn’t aware! that seems to be real naughty problem. I have used pixhawk 4 couple of months now and I didn’t have similar problems. But it is good to know that issue, thank you for informing! It is possible hardware combinations generate issues is different way.

(cala2) #315

Nice, Im shure you test Argentine beef too :wink: .
Yes I love the idea to have an specialized drone radio for diy entusiast like closed rtf , I appreciate the rubbers stick dust protection because I fly in dusty conditions so Im going to give them an oportunity, perhaps more difficult to use in our mode but not impossible?

(RickyG) #316

MMMM Argentinian beef. I have had many an Asado.

(RickyG) #317

Yeah looks interesting. For some reason however they don’t want to ship to Canada. So I hope the one I ordered got out of the country before I ordered it. I suspect it has something to do with the Postal Strike we had. Thats now been resolved but my guess is it was cause of that.

Well my overhaul and move to the Skydroid is getting closer to being done.
I just need to sort out the GPS connection and then calibrate the machine and maiden with the Skydroid system.
so getting there.

(Sergey) #318

This should be fixed now in 3.6.3-rc1

(caoxueyu) #319

Has anyone pulled the distance test?

(Tom-fly) #320

Almost there, gotta do some ground tests. I moved Pixie and R12 to bigger platform.Btw, what is optimal antenna position for R12 ? In the last picture there are antennas pointing down…

New photo by Tomi Simonen

New photo by Tomi Simonen

New photo by Tomi Simonen

(RickyG) #321

Looking good Tom.
I have mine almost there. I solved a GPS issue this morning. Tossed in in the garbage and replaced it lol.
All thats left is to setup the OSD connection to the FC. Then I need to do my calibrations and then complete a few tests. Make sure the FPV video is working and then done.
That will likely be late tomorrow or Monday. But almost there.

(Tom-fly) #322

Thank you for reply! You have already pushed M12L abroad and pretty succesfully, almosts all the continents has users for M12L so it has already covered world. We will make presentation tests and evaluations and M12L and its successor will gather popularity in uav/drone-family. I really like concept of M12L, it is very compact and easy to setup. And It is also very stable as well.

(Tom-fly) #323

Poor gps, It has served very well so retiring it is very good choise. I’m currently using RC Chibios in pixie4 due problems informed, hopyfully that works. Usually betas aren’t very stable, knock knock.

(Tom-fly) #324

yes, I installed that to pixie, usually betas and rcs aren’t good for serious usage. Lets hope it works…

(cala2) #325

Here a photo what I recived, Im impressed that all improvements comment in this topic where done :open_mouth: .Phone support is metalic and looks indesructible, I recive the two Rx antennas, the yagi, mode 2, and removed sticks rudders, first impression was high quality unit, I appreciate left joystick trim too, the 3 point in all switchs and specially small size with integrate telemetry too

(cala2) #326

A 9,7" fit on phone table