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Long range UAV link 100mw for 60KM was designed and tested

(caoxueyu) #327

The bracket can be rotated.

(caoxueyu) #328

The copper tube of your antenna is far away from the metal and carbon fibers, ensuring that you can see one of the antennas directly when the aircraft rotates to any angle.

(caoxueyu) #329

I hope someone can use the fixed wing for long-distance testing, because this product is not only convenient, but also more characteristic of long-distance testing

(Chris) #330

I can do a review like this on my channel if you still have any available for that. Here in NZ now we have warm weather and 15 hours of daylight :sunny:

I live on a large farm so I can test up to 3km at home, longer than that would have to be over ocean. My plane can’t travel 60km out, but 20km should be possible.

I noticed in my test of the FlySky there is a big difference between the distance the receiver can still receive some control packets, and the distance at which it is smooth to control. If you’re not manually controlling it every now and then you don’t notice this difference. Was your 60km test just in cruise mode and RTL like my test was? Did you have a ‘long failsafe’ type timeout that would enable the flight controller to keep going even when no signal was received for a few seconds? Yeah, I am still skeptical of the 60km claim :slight_smile:

(Romeo E) #331

Judging by the tracking number I should receive mine next week, if that’s the case I’ll put it on my 2+ hours endurance plane and see what it can do range-wise.

(cala2) #332

I read that 45 degrees each antenna was better, be shure that anything shadow signal with radio control, batt too.

(***) #333


I got it all hooked up yesterday to bench test and am impressed with the ease of setup that has both rc and telem. If I may make a suggestion, it would be nice if this also included jst-gh connectors they are much easier to hook and unhook without pulling the wires out of the connector, and for the two different antennas for the receiver maybe some rpsma connectors or something that is quick and easy to swap out. Just some thoughts, ideally like what I’m seeing already! I’m currently working on a connector to my pixracer and cube once that’s done and it quits snowing will be testing in the air. Might put it in the car and see how it does that way as well just for fun.

(caoxueyu) #334

The whole distance telemetry control is smooth. Posture dial smooth

(cala2) #335

Ricky: You didn´t try to calibrate with Mission planner? I have an APM in the skywalker that want to make first fly, I´m updating a long range quad to give a try too but, as Skydroid said, this unit is going to show It long range capabilities with an airplane, quads always have less range due to interferences and less endurance in general, I going to give a try to APM and share if I can make it work or change strategy. Bigger antennas suppose to have longer range?

(RickyG) #336

Ha I saw your video the other day. I enjoyed it.
Love to see how this unit work for you.

(RickyG) #337

No I had tried in the android apps and it didn’t go well. However Mission Planner works much better.
I have since removed the APM and replaced with a Pixracer. Will have that ready this week.
I have no Long Range desires, but do want to hear of peoples test results.

(RickyG) #338

Do you have any issues with the tablet being to heavy for the support. I have a nice little tablet that seems a bit to heavy for the holder, it tends to fold up when I tried it.

(cala2) #339

Mine looks very strong Im going to try to upload a video, hope I have to upload to you tube, here I cant direct

(cala2) #340

Here a test

(RickyG) #341

Looks good.
Will try mine again. Could have been just that one day.

(RickyG) #342

Hey Folks.
I just started a Facebook Group for SkyDroid Users. If anyone is interested in being part of the group feel free to reach out.

(cala2) #343

Someone get more than three modes? I have in my Hitec two three point switches and use 5 modes with P Mixes perhaps this radio can do with software in future updates?

(cala2) #344

I bought this unit by only coincidence just after know M12L and fit perfect under the tablet :slight_smile:

(RickyG) #345

I have ordered one myself. Hasn’t arrived yet.
They also seem to have stopped shipping to Canada. I suspect it was because of the Postal Strike.
Have you tried it Cala2. I am very interested to hear how it performed.

I have my test drone nearly done. I have to just go over a few things. OSD isn’t working so something is amiss there. It seems to arm and throttle up with no problem.
So next is just to review the settings then if all good. Get it in the air. Like I said before no plans to do long haul flights. It’s the interface I want.

(cala2) #346

Nop I don´t try yet, Im not at home and only try with the racer but not transmit, I have to check with it original Rx to see if something the racer related or Rx related when I return home, I don´t have with me.