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Long range UAV link 100mw for 60KM was designed and tested

(Tom-fly) #285

Wow, Is the video signal going to be digital traffic or just a analog ?

(Tom-fly) #286

It is sad to hear that your maiden flight will get delays. Yes, Rx is going pretty hot, so some kind of heatsink is almost mandatory. I dont know if plastic box doesn’t breath and it just get hotter and hotter, … maby best explanation

(Tom-fly) #287

M12L is one of most stable systems I have tested. That is so compact system that you need only one link. No worry about separate telemetry etc. I’m using analog 5.8Ghz video for transferring fpv, but that is only lack in current system. Maby 4G might transfer video miuch better?

(RickyG) #288

Ya a delay but not the end of the world. I have the Pixracer swapped in now. I need to start making all the connections which I will start on this evening if I have time. I have the power connected to it so it’s booting.
I hope this evening to get the receiver connected both telemetry and Sbus.
Tomorrow before work. The output to the OSD and the GPS.
Then all that would be left is the Safety switch and buzzer. So I am pretty sure I will have most of this done this weekend. Mind you I am traveling this weekend a bit.
Still. It’ won’t be long till I am at the calibration and config stage.

(RickyG) #289

Based on my communication with Skydroid I get the feeling the newer version with the HD video is a digital system. I say that because it uses a proprietary camera, and that tells me it has a special requirement. If it was a simple 5.8 ghz analog transmission you could get away with any camera.

(***) #290

I recently came back to the office after Turkey day to see a package on my desk. I have received my system and will begin testing once the semester is over. Very excited to test this unit out. Big thanks to @SKYDROID for providing me the opportunity to test this unit, I will let you know the results as soon as I can. One downside is it is now winter here in Montana which puts a big hold on a lot of testing!

(RickyG) #291

Wa hooo welcome to the family. Nice to see you got the new style antenna.I had to mod mine, not the end of the world.
Here is everything we have collected on the unit so far.

(Tom-fly) #292

are you going to use antenna tracker ? I’d like to try directional antenna (helicoil maby) with M12L, that would multiply the original range…

(RickyG) #293

So you can mount a Helicoil on the hand held unit. No problem there.
but I don’t know how you would use a tracker. To do that you would somehow have to get between the drone and the hand held unit in someway. Not sure how you would do that.

(Tom-fly) #294

for example this one

How to combine diversity traffic with AAT ? I have this unit but using it with M12L is just problem… I’d like to have both channels of M12L to go via antenna tracker, not only one.

(Tom-fly) #295

Skydroid, would you help me to use AAT with M12L, In case for using directional antennas. Any ideas ?

(RickyG) #296

Arkbird works by being the receiver of the video signal and telemetry. It uses airborne telemetry information to point the antenna and then the Arkbird outputs the video to the screen or goggles.
In the case of skydroid, the video is a separate signal.

If you looking to just do tracking to improve video I can show you a real simple solution. Takes a little work but if you can build a drone you can do this.
This is the tracker I am going to build. Keep in mind it’s analog video only and its just to output to goggles or a screen. It’s also cheap.

(David Boulanger) #297

If your going to build a tracker why not make it adaptable for different systems.:grin:!AgqdUNhfFlnDgbQEcCNKn9Zjti5Mlw

(cala2) #298

Here another member at the club :smiley: , thank’s to Skydroid for this nice hardware, anxious to test too, I have summer in front so time to fly here at the south :slight_smile: , as soon as I return home, some photos :slight_smile:

(caoxueyu) #299

The fever problem is not very serious, because 2401C will have a little fever. But it can be used normally. In addition, the distance of 30KM can be achieved with ordinary antenna. There is no need to use directional antenna, unless you want to fly 100KM. Video transmission, you can use 5.8G analog signal. We have a digital version being launched in China. At present, there is no energy to push abroad, unless there are companies or individuals who can represent our products.

(RickyG) #302

Where are you Cala2
If its Summer you sound south of the equator.

(RickyG) #303

Whats wrong with AliExpress.
It’s clear from the interest here in such a short time that getting HD video into our hands would be an absolute plus with people, Most of us would be very interested in acquiring it.
Please don’t close the door on the Western Community, While this group is small. Look how much interest there has been in the month since you first posted the product notice.

More and more people are paying attention and with people getting their units and starting to fly with them. There will be even more interest.

(RickyG) #304

This is the current video system they have available.

I have one coming and will report on it once it arrives.

(caoxueyu) #305

You may misunderstand me. I mean it’s hard for our team to find a person who is fluent in English and knows about UAVs. Perhaps this problem can be solved in the near future.

(RickyG) #306

You have a bunch of people right here. I would be pleased to help.
I love this product and have been building Drones for a number of years so if there is anything I can do to assist let me know.