LIDAR readings error


Orange Cube, v4.0.7.

Using Benewake TF02-PRO and Lightware SF11 LIDARs. In both cases the LIDAR readings occasionaly, seemingly randomly jumps to its MAX RANGE. It happens during AUTO mission and in Loiter too. Sometimes the LIDAR reading just spikes for a very short time so the mission continues without interruption other times the reading gets “stuck” at MAX RANGE and Failsafe RTL activates.

We double checked the LIDAR cabling, connectors. Trying to reproduce the issue by tugging on the wires and moving the connectors (thinking it’s a bad connection issue) but we can’t pinpoint to bad connection.

Any suggestion how to troubleshoot would be really appreciated.

Here are one .bin file with TF02PRO and another with SF11:

There are some surface tracking range finder fixes in the current stable ArduCopter 4.1.5. You might want to try that.

Thanks for your suggestion @amilcarlucas

We did the update to 4.1.5 but problem still exists albeit less frequently. So far we have done a total of 20 test flights with 3 drones and the problem appeared in 5 cases.

I copy here screen shots of the problematic flights (baro vs LIDAR height). Happy to share .bin files too if that helps - please let me know if you need them.

Also, found that other people have similar experience with Cube Orange / LIDAR, would be appreciated if developers would look into this problem deeper. here are a few of other peoples notes:

Thank you!

At least it is nice to know that I am not the only one having this issue. Would love to find out more of what is going on. Seems to be hit or miss getting help with some of the issues here.

I have been running mine on the cube black for a couple of months now with no issues. Seems to be an issue with the cube orange. Frustrating having expensive gear that I cannot use. Hopefully someone will dive in a little deeper on this.

Just to make sure we dont deal with environment issues: What type of surface are you flying over ?
Lidars are prone to error over reflective surfaces like water or bright colors outdoor.

Flying over grassy field during test flights.