Lidar lite v3 on cube orange

I installed lidar lite v3 on my vehicle, but it does operate abnormally like picture

(on the cube black with the same settings, it worked OK.)

my vehicle :
Orange cube (AC 4.0.0)
spektrueworks carrier

setting :
rangefinder = lidar lite v3 / i2c (only this one)
rngfnd1_type = 15

tried it :

  • 470uf capacitor
  • fullup resistor
  • other i2c port
  • 5v power by spectureworks b/d 5v/1.5a

What’s problem?

There was a i2c bug that got fixed recently, just wait for the 4.0.1 copter release, I guess.

thanks for your reply

I tried to install AC4.0.1-dev in cube orange

it look like more stable than 4.0.0… but not working normally…

(just bench test… actual distance is 0.3~0.4m)

I hope to improve in 4.0.1 stable.

Please report an issue on github