Laptop not detect pixhawk

I know the title is not good for this content, but sorry expert I am first time on this and kindly forgive for this.

I programmed pixhawk 2.4.8 using mission planner , but I do a mistake , I connect power module to SPI and also I upload bebop2 firmware to pixhawk. After this my laptop not detecting my pixhawk. So I tried to connect a apm2. 8 it work fine. And again I tried to connect pixhawk but no change still. It not detecting.
I tried to install CP… Drivers. But no change. At that time I noticed that my led on pixhawk IO B/E led is constand and the main led of pixhawk is constand partial red green and mainly blue (ligthblue)

And now when I connect pixhawk laptop not make any notifications tune, but when I connect apm laptop make some tune. So I again connected pixhawk no tune from laptop, and I also noticed that led on pixhawk’ s FMU led are not blink or no response from there too. Anyone can help me

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you already post the same topic…

I don’t know how to re flash pixhawk, so can tell step by step procedure

do you have an st link dongle?

No, when I asked to my friend about bootloading on pixhawk, " he said that press and hold the button near usb connection of pixhawk, and connect to laptop then after 6 second release it. And upload firmware "
Is this correct?

No, that won’t update the bootloader. It’s probably bricked from your mistake but try using QGroundControl to flash Arducopter anyway.

I don’t have otg and telemetry

Any other way to do that? Or how to do in mission planner, if you can kindly tell it detailed as possible

What? Download and install QGroundControl, it’s a Ground Control Station Alternative to Mission Planner.Then, Vehicle Setup>Firmware and connect the Flight Controller. If it’s recognized it will give you options for firmware setup. If it doesn’t throw the Flight Controller in the trash.

That botton is for reboot the fc.
Just try flash again the firmware or buy a cheap St link and with few soldering on the correct pins you can restore it

Hi David,

Can you please tell me which one should I solder it using ST-LINk?
It would be really helpful tho.


edit: found this forum that explain about the ST-Link, I’ll try it, thanks David