KevinG's Autonomous zero-point turn Lawn Mower

Have you had any failures where you are full throttle and the servo relaxes and goes back to neutral? I am using these 65kg servos on amazon ( When I move my throttle stick all the way forward (or steering stick) it holds it in the full throttle position for about 10 seconds and then it seems to “relax” or go back to neutral. If you wiggle the stick a little bit the servo seems to re-engage. Did you run into this issue at all? I’ve checked the power and it looks good to the servo at 7.5v.
I am not sure if there is an ardupilot setting that I am missing or if the servo isn’t strong enough. I measured the strength it takes to move the throttle bar (not sure the correct name) on the mower and it is about 13kg. The servo seems to move the throttle bar fine back and forth, its just when I try to hold at full throttle it “relaxes” back to neutral or close to neutral.

Those are cheap, unreliable servos. I highly doubt the servo is being commanded that way, but rather it’s probably failing internally.

Look into HiTec or AGFRC servos for better reliability.

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That looks great, Steve! Looking forward to hearing how the next phases go for you. You are over a big hurdle now!

Almost sounds like the servo is going to sleep as they will do if the PWM signal stops for a period of time. I don’t think the flight controller ever stops the PWM signal, so it is likely a problem with the servo as @Yuri_Rage stated.

Those are awfully inexpensive servos. If they happened to work reliably over time (which I doubt), I want to buy a boat load of them! :slight_smile: