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KevinG's Autonomous zero-point turn Lawn Mower


(rmackay9) #1

This video comes courtesy of Kevin Groba who has been using ArduPilot Rover (ver 3.3) to automate a zero-point turn (aka skid steering) gas powered lawn mower. The ongoing discussion of this mower is here.

This is a Scag Patriot 60 mower with a Cube (aka Pixhawk2) autopilot. Kevin has used heavy duty servos to physically move the levers on the mower.

Congrats Kevin on this great progress and helping with beta testing the latest versions of the software!

(Hugues) #2

GG. I would like to refer to another user who has also done it on hiw lawn mower and has published a series of youtube videos about it:
(Kenny Trussel)

(rmackay9) #3

Hugues, wow, fantastic, thanks!

(Kenny Trussell) #4

Thanks, Hugues, for the reference! I hope to publish a lot more soon. Working on a change to LoRa for the RTCM3 corrections from base to rover (but unrelated priorities have slowed me down!). Meanwhile, I really look forward to learning what Kevin Groba has done!

(Bitdog LLC) #5

I ordered one of these RC mowers from Evatech. I will be attaching a pixhawk 2.1 and Here+ GPS RTK to it. Thank you for giving me inspiration.

(rmackay9) #6


Interesting mower. I guess Evatech doesn’t ship their vehicle with ArduPilot but I wonder if they would consider it. In any case, looking good!

EDIT: I had a look at some videos so definitely looks like a skid-steering vehicle. it’ll be interesting to see how it goes, it should work fine of course.

(Kenny Trussell) #7

That does look very nice. Please keep us posted on your progress.