H12 Skydriod not connecting to QGroundControl

Hi i need help i have a H12 skydriod radio that am connecting too Tower and this work good it seems that comm link do not what too connect too qground station

Hi Neville,

It seem that the QGS does not work on the H12 Skydroid.

You can follow the link Long range UAV link 100mw for 60KM was designed and tested where it’s been mentioned.

Hi Henk

Thanks i will have a look at the link.

Regards Neville

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Hi Neville,

Have a look at this controller as well SIYI MK15.

Follow link Notice - A $2?9 Mini Android Controller from SIYI - 10 KM Range @ 1080P 180 ms, 8-core CPU.

This looks like a good controller that supports QGS

Regardt Henk.

I have a modified H12 that was bundled with the HEQ Swan K1 VTOL. To use QGroundControl on the built in screen, I required another app to run in the background sent to me by the HEQ Folk.

Not sure if there is a similar app for the native H12.

In Skydroid manual, it said the connections should be done by UDP protocol port 14551 but when I scan the port on android, it show nothing. Hmm, I just bought the device and found out it is useless. Using the Skydroid tower work okay but lack of feature.

when I use Skydroid you had to use the skydroid tower app to get it to work

I use T10 before I use QGround. it connect via bluetooth. But this H12 has a mysterious protocol.

can you send me a copy of that app?
I’ve got a new Swan K1 with the H12, and I’m trying to get QGC to load on the H12 so I can connect to ArduPilot on the aircraft (I am working on ArduPilot firmware for the K1, instead of the default px4 firmware)


@twobit I got qgc working, thanks for the help with the app! I also got MissionPlanner for android working.

Next step is to get video working in qgc and MissionPlanner. Do you have any idea how to set that up?

I have ArduPilot up and running on the HWing now, and I’m hoping to do first test flights tomorrow.

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I got the video feed on the H12 in the HEQ app that is preinstalled, and the Skydroid version of Tower.

The video feed is over some USB system hooked up internally, and requires UVC support.

QGC is not a native android app, and uses QT. QT has limited support for UVC. So it either appears as a source option or not.

One suggestion, that I have not tired is a native app that supports UVC and sends out as RTSP - Any chance of UVC video support?

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Hi twobit
Any way of sharing the App required to get QGC working on the H12?

First flight of the Foxtech HWing Pro with ArduPilot:

Using MissionPlanner on the H12 controller:
Google Photos
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and an auto mission:

Google Photos
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Hi .
Please share the software to connect to qgc. Thanks

Hi twobit. Could you possibly share the app? I am having your same problem.

I now have permission from HEQ to share the apk file you need for H12:
you need to install that (can do that via the browser app) then run it before starting MissionPlanner.
I also have an apk for MissionPlanner here:
but I hope there will be an official distribution from Michael Oborne soon.
Note that you also have to go into power saving settings and stop both these apps from going to sleep.

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MissionPlanner apk is now available for latest build here:

Has anyone figured out how to display the video feed from the Swan K1 yet? I am using the HEQ app to allow Mission Planner and QGC to work but haven’t been successful in getting the video feed from the FPV cam. Any ideas? Thanks

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A friend bricked his Swan K1 by installing HEQ’s new firmware.
I installed the HEQ app that lets MP and QGC work, then installed both MP and QGC on the H12 controller, and ArduPilot on the Swan.

We could not figure out how to get the H12 to connect to the Swan, whether we tried MP or QGC. (I assume HEQ’s original app for flying the Swan will not work with ArduPilot?) We are both new to MP (my friend is an experienced drone pilot but I have never flown one), so I suspect there are things on the wiki page for the Swan that we are missing or overlooking. Does anyone have suggestions that we can try? Thanks.