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Notice - A $2?9 Mini Android Controller from SIYI - 10 KM Range @ 1080P 180 ms, 8-core CPU

Dear Ardupilot Community,

Very exciting to write to you all!
It is the first topic that SIYI has ever started in Ardupilot Forum and we are sure that it will be continuous communication and support to the dearest community from SIYI Technology.

SIYI assembled its core R&D team in 2013, dedicated to making radio technologies applied and accepted by more users by making advanced and elegant commercialized transmitting systems. SIYI serves open system users, enterprises, and manufacturers.

In April, 2019, SIYI announced AK28, our first Android smart controller, also the first successful remote in this industry which came with an open Android system. AK28 was well appreciated by market and soon derived to a whole series according to demands of different application from agriculture to industry.

When we are going to bring the community a new product, it should come with truly exciting feaures and solid technology. So today, SIYI honorably delivers you a new Mini Handheld Ground Station with 10 KM 1080p Image Transmission .

  • 10 KM 1080P Digital Image Transmission
  • 8-core CPU Ultra Performance
  • IP53 Waterproof and Dustproof
  • 1000 cd/m2 High Brightness HD Screen Display
  • 15 Hour Battery Life, 3 Hour Fast Charging, Type-C
  • Dual FPV HD Camera Front and Back
  • 180 ms Low Lantency
  • Support Dual RTK Mapping Module

And the retail price is targeting at $2?9

We sincerely hope that you will like the new model. You are very welcome to leave your comments here and communicate directly with SIYI’s team here.

Thanks to all!


Just to be sure, what is the retail price?

We are at the final stage of releasing the new controller. As long as the true cost is confirmed, we will update to you immediately.

For now, it is 100% sure that the retail price will be not more than $299.

There is a rumor that if the new controller gets more and more attention, the number behind the “?” will be less and less. :wink:

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Some more technical informations would be helpful.
Specifications, data sheets, connectors on ground and air station, supported protocols and so on.

Hi Stefan,

Full specs and technical sheet of the new model will be ready a bit later.
At the declared price (less than $299), it comes with private video protocol.

There will be at least one version for professional users with features below.


  • Ethernet port and HDMI input
  • Interface: S.BUS, HDMI (Mini), LAN


  • HDMI output
  • Dual video stream in a screen or two different screens
  • WIFI and 4G (if certified in certain countries)
  • Interface: Type-C, SIM card slot, TF card slot, USB-A, HDMI (Standard), RTK (serial port)

The controller supports Mavlink protocol as all SIYI products do.

Tester needed ?.. I’m very interested … I build myself an android controller but like yours more !.


Thank you, Oeble. Your build looks awesome!
As long as the new controller is ready for testing, we will notify you immediately.

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Thank you for the infos.

Some more questions:

  • The operation frequency will be 2.4GHz or 5GHz?
  • The OS is some kind of Android?
  • Do you think of a correct EU CE declaration?
  • Are there plans to sell air and ground units seperate, so you can use one ground unit with various air units (not at the same time of course)?

Please feel free to keep us informed about this product. I’m looking forward to take a look at the “professional version”.

Thanks and best regards,

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I have the AK28 and love it.
I would certainly consider having a look at this unit. While the AK28 isn’t perfect, it’s a really nice unit that I have been impressed with. This new product sounds very interesting.

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Looks very interesting. But is it IP53 or is it “Waterproof”? Possibly just a mix of terms here but it could be important for some. IP53 isn’t typically considered Waterproof. That would be an IP6x rating.

If it’s like my AK28 I wouldn’t drop it in a puddle…but I am not worried if it started to rain and I needed to get it put away fast.

Yea, IP53 is spaying water so perfectly acceptable. Just want to be sure. In my industry (sensors) one of those numbers in the IP rating scale can make a big difference :grinning:

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Some question related to the new unit. I am looking at this from the point of view of an AK28 owner. So lots of questions.

  1. I understand it has dual video stream…in the description its front and back. I understand that in the context of an ag drone . So does the receiver have two HDMI ports or are you switching in some way.

  2. Is the video available to Qgroundcontrol or is it a seperate app.

  3. Any idea of a time line to supporting more then one receiver.

  4. Do you have photos showing the switches in more detail also the other connections.

  5. You indicated HDMI out does this mean to HDI googles or HDMI screen and if so is it outputting the Android screen as a mirror of the screen or would it output the video stream…

  6. Is it using the same apps as the AK28

  7. Do you have details of the types of switches on the unit. I ask because while I love my AK28 I find the number of switches limited ad in the photos it’s hard to see what’s available or what they do.

  8. What comes with the unit. With the AK28 you get a camera and receiver…Does this come with a camera as well. What’s in the box when you get one.

  9. Is there a carrying case.

  10. What’s the difference between the pro unit and this.

  11. Whats the price difference between the two types…pro versus non pro.

  12. Does it come as a mode 2 controller or does it need to be modified.

  13. When does the unit become available.

Thanks for your questions, Stefan.
Answers to your additional questions will come with full specs/details of the product release. We are intensely working on it. Will come back soon!

  • On the pro unit, the receiver comes with both HDMI and LAN port. So, for example, for two video streams, you can put one stream into the HDMI port and another into the LAN port. Or you can just use the LAN port with an FPV Hub to separate input video stream, which means it can support more than two streams. However, there will be a limit to the number of streams considering power consumption and stability of image transmission. It should be test out after the product release.
  • On both basic unit and pro unit, video comes as standard RTSP stream, so QGroundControl will display it directly. On pro unit, you can have two video streams displayed in the transmitter screen simultaneously or in two different screen (with an external screen connected to the transmitter through HDMI).

Thank you very much for all the questions. We will be able to answer them one by one soon!

Video output from the standard HDMI port from the transmitter as RTSP stream. So yes, it goes to your HDMI Googles or HDMI screen.

SIYI TX App used on AK28 and other SIYI models which do not come with a touchscreen for configuring will stay, but we look forward to some differences or upgrades.

At least you will get one camera :slight_smile:

It is confirmed that the basic unit will come with…

  • 3 x 3-stage Switches
  • 4 x Buttons
  • 2 x Dials (self-centering)
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