Long range UAV link 100mw for 60KM was designed and tested

So the simple answer is no. The helper app is a must to configure the unit and the FPV app is needed for the video. IF you have them working then you can use QGC…as for the specific problem your having with the apps. The people on the forum may have better insight then I do.

@Zordon You can use the skydroid sdk provided here to create an android apk to get the h264 video data packets. Then it is possible to use gstreamer libraries for android to create a udp h264 video stream or rtsp video stream and open the skydroid video with qgc.

You know how to do that…
Can you publish the steps lots of people would love to do this.

@rickyg32 Good night
I’ve opened skydroid video of T10 Remote Controller/Receiver in QGC for linux.

It was possible to create a udp stream of the video to my PC using an example from the internet of an udp client/server for Android, the project DemoVideo inside the sdk provided by the manufacturer and gstreamer command line tools to create another udp stream with h264 video in a format that QGC can understand. I can publish the step by step of this.

Now I’m working with gstreamer libraries for android to open the video in QGC for android without the need to send it to PC first. I will share it when it’s good.

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Hi @kressinluiz Luiz, This is something that we all would love to see and run on our quads since the beginning. GL on this.

what to ask what is the difference between this 2

Skydroid SG12



I thin kthe SG12 doesn’t have a display…thats a spot for a phone…just looks like its built in. As for the other. I have never seen that. If I can get more details on it…might be an interesting unit.

I have a message into Skydroid for some basic questions about the H12…does it support more then one receiver. Does it come in a mode 2 format or can it be modified to Mode 2 throttle.
Does it use the same receivers as the T12…if so I have some in a box and would gladly switch to this if it supported more then 1 receiver like the T12 does.

Thanks so much i also found this one i think is the same only deference is the screen

€ 233,31 | Skydroid H12 12 Channel 2.4GHz 1080P Digital Video Data Transmission Transmitter SKYDOID H12 Agricultural drone remote control

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Reading a bit online, it turns out that Skydroid is just a scam. It is not profitable to invest in hardware that does not work at the start and has zero support from developers.
I decided on the Open.HD opensource project, I can make my own Full HD link at 20km, plug in many cameras, microphone, connect controllers, computer, hdmi tv, and phone via wifi or usb/ethernet cable with video image in any application I want. I recommend it to everyone, don’t waste your money on Skydroid.

You only need:
-2x Rpi
-2x Supported WiFi dongle
-1x Pi Camera

It is almost plug and play, everything is set up out of the box.

So I confirmed that as of today the unit supports a single receiver and that multi receivers is coming…just not sure of the time frame.

Hi, It’s look a very good projet but he explain that the latency will not be as good that a native transmission system like Skydroid, DJI …

Hi Silvain,

following the forum and your posts in regards to „camera-raspberry-skydroid“ we kindly ask you for your advice and support.

We would like to integrate a custom camera (320x240 – 9Hz) via Raspberry Pi 3A+ to the SkyDroid-Receiver (R10).

The camera is connect via USB to the Raspberry and with a script the video is outputted to the framebuffer fb0 (as option 2 the output can be also stdin/stdout which opens a viewer). Seems the camera has no support for v4l2,…

With a GStreamer command we encode the video from the framebuffer into h264, byte-stream, bitrate=500kbps, and output via the serial port of the raspberry (baudrate 2Mbps) to the Skydroid Receiver (R10).

We can receive no good “video-signal” on the Skydroid FPV App on the groundstation. Please see attached screenschots.

Even with other encoders (x264enc, openh264enc) or “videotestsrc” or with the RaspiCam using “v4l2src” the result is the same.

GStreamer Command:

gst-launch-1.0 -v --gst-debug 3 multifilesrc location=/dev/fb0 ! video/x-raw,format=BGRx,width=640,height=360,framerate=30/1 ! videoconvert ! omxh264enc control-rate=3 target-bitrate=500000 ! filesink location=/dev/ttyAMA0

Would be great if you can give us your advice or how we can solve this issue.

Many thanks in advance.Output Video


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The delays will be identical because it’s the same type of communication. The range in the Open.HD solution will be much better, after selecting stronger cards of course. And quality - Skydroid 480p Open.HD - 1080p

Wouldn’t it be easier to decode the video coming to say a T12 receiver and make it available to QGC.

so if i buy this as a backup receiver for my h16 pro it will work?

Sorry I just don’t know. I have never seen the H16 other then in photos. However if it’s like the other Skydroids I have then you could keep it as a spare. The catch is you can only bind one receiver at any one time. So if you lost your model you could bind to the new receiver or if you wanted to change models you could bind the new model. But you would always be moving from model to model by rebinding the model yo want to fly.
At least for now.

ok from what i understand the h16 and h16 pro share the VTX sender correct? this one? Skydrol multilink v1 ?


Hi JB,

Indeed, I started to develop this solution to use a USB camera on my drone but the latency was not there and soon after, skydroid released its AV conversion card that worked in HD and with a lower latency. After testing it, I definitively abandoned the first solution.

On the other hand, I’m still looking for documentation about this stream because I’m now trying to decode the stream coming from the skydroid camera (the small one or the one with the LEDs) to read it with OpenCV for example. I understand it’s h264 but VLC doesn’t recognize the frames.

Hello Silvain,
many thanks for your reply - i just got it work, there was an issue on the serial port settings of the raspberry.

Many thanks again.