F9P is definitely a good RTK GNSS module for UGVs, base stations, and rovers?

Hello everyone, may I ask a question?

Maybe there is someone here who can give me advice. I’m a bit confused…

I’ve just started building a rover, but I have no experience with remote-controlled models. I have some experience with electronics and PCs - both Windows and Linux. There is also a local CORS station, and I have registered for free access, so I don’t need a base station. I’m considering using the F9P GPS module, although I’m open to other options. I found information that the F9P is definitely a good RTK GNSS module for UGVs, base stations, and rovers. This module was recommended to me with the words, “If you are limited in resources, you can definitely make RTK positioning cheaperZED-F9H high precision GNSS module for heading applications: SMA, USB

Most likely, I will be building it gradually since I have limited time and money. I’m trying to understand which parts I will need and I’m getting a bit lost in all of this. In any case, I’ve figured out the F9P module more or less, but I wanted to hear the opinion of experts. Am I on the right track by acquiring this module? I would appreciate any comments.

Thank you.

The F9P is a great module. But the one you linked to is a bit too cheap, probably a fake copy.

C-RTK 2HP is a better choice, a module can achieve Heading + free CORS, that’s really great.

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What are its advantages? It looks like a module implements GPS for yaw. I want to test it.


It is hard for me to believe in it since it was recommended to me by someone knowledgeable in this matter. But in any case, thank you for the warning.

It can realize gps for yaw with single module, do you need it? I can send it to you.

Oh, thank you. Maybe I really will need your offer. I will write later.

can you talk more about the free CORS?

where are you from? Some countries have free cors, while others require a fee, but they are often cheap.

Hello Cuav_le:
I’m Raul, I’m part of a development team for a 4+1 VTOL and webmaster of the miliamperios.com aeromodelling forum.
We would like to test the C-RTK 2HP for yaw mobile base station in our development.
Forgive the trust, you could send us a free sample for this project. We will disseminate the development of the project in this community and in our forum, which is the largest Spanish-speaking forum in the world.
We are located in Spain in the Balearic Islands.
Thank you.

Hi guy, we have no plan to give away free samples except for students and ardupilot contributors. The C-RTK2 HP price is low enough that I think any commercial company can afford it.

Thank you, but we are not a company, we are a model airplane forum where we share knowledge.
Hence our request for the free sample.
Honestly, the price is very low, but we cannot make the purchase since our few resources are dedicated to maintaining miliamperios.com.


@cuav_le, wondering if that was an offer of a sample to those who are most active in GPS testing and exploration for ArduPilot? It looks like an excellent low cost alternative to the venerable F9P-based dual module solutions. I’m very curious to compare performance.

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Yes, CUAV is willing to provide free samples to those actively involved in GPS testing and ArduPilot exploration, do you need it?

Hello, yes I still need a C-RTK 2HP.
I have started a project to convert the 1700mm Talon to VTOL that will navigate by heading only.
In a few days I will publish the steps of the transformation in this forum and as I told you, I can contribute here with the tests of our GPS.
I’m looking forward to receiving one to try.
Thank you.

Sorry, I replied to Yuri. I didn’t find your help for ardupilot. Can you provide me with credentials?

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Hi CUAV,if you take a look Yuri_Rage helps so many people on here with all sorts of technical problems one of the best


@Yuri_Rage is one of the best, most active support persons on the forum, and AFAIK has also contribuited code to the project.

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yes, Yuri is an active member of this forum and he helps many arduPilot users. As described above, I am asking Yuri if he needs it. If Yuri needs it, CUAV is very happy to provide the hardware; because he has made outstanding contributions to ArduPilot.


yes, Yuyi and you are excellent developers. If you need any CUAV hardware, I can provide it.