E-flite Convergence Using Matek F405 Wing

Ok, thanks for looking, Mark. I checked all the servos and connections. It didn’t make sense so maybe it is merely coincidence with loading your builds. I’ll still plan on testing with the same stable build that I used prior. At least this should point us in one direction.



After loading the previous stable code, I decided to take a look at my params to see if anything changed and was surprised to see some unexplained changes. Basically, I did not reload my existing params after loading your firmware. So the “changed to” was the value I had in the plane after using your code. I wrote the params back to the “was” value that I had saved from my non-crash flights.

Let me know if you think any of these could be an issue. I don’t use BLheli but is a non-0 number activating something? I’m not sure what the INS_ENABLE_MASK change would do.

COMPASS_OFFS_MAX was 1250, changed to 1800

EK2_FLOW_I_GATE was 300, changed to 500
EK2_FLOW_M_NSE was 0.25, changed to 0.15

INS_ENABLE_MASK was 1, changed to 127

SERVO_BLH_TRATE was 0, changed to 10

Q_A_THR_MIX_MAN was 0.5, changed to 0.1
Q_M_HOVER_LEARN was 2, changed to 0
Q_VFWD_GAIN was 0, changed to 0.05

I don’t think flashing new firmware is supposed to change any parameters, but I have sometimes had parameters change unexpectedly when flashing. I don’t understand why something like Q_M_HOVER_LEARN would change to zero; I always set it to 2 myself.

I did 3 more flights today including FBWA and LOITER modes, but didn’t have any problems. I also flew around quite a bit in QHOVER mode with fwd_thr_max at 0.25 and that behaved well too.

Log files and params are here if you want to compare: man-fwd-thr-logs

I was test flying my Convergence today and the front props along with the adapters flew off. LOL! I need to repair the nose and I just ordered a couple new props and adapters as they were lost in the tall grass.

I knew the prop nuts were tight but for some reason the front adapters flew off. Perhaps it is a known issue or it was from my previous crashes. Anyway, i’ll fix it up and try again.

That’s disappointing… I had better check mine too. Strange to have both of them depart though, since at least one of them should be turning the right way to self-tighten.

I got to fly both the Convergence and Wing Z-84 again today. My props and adaptors came so fast from Horizon Hobby that I needed to do some emergency gluing last night on the Convergence using Beacon Foam-Tac. To better hold the adapters on, I used some #200 sandpaper on the motor shafts and a couple dabs of thread locker on the shaft as well.

Both planes flew great today! They are different styles indeed. The Wing Z-84 can fly slower than the Convergence and draws less current in forward flight.

It looks like banggood.com is preparing to sell a very similar vehicle.


Hi Randy,

Thanks for the heads-up! It looks like the Banggood XK X450 VTOL is 450mm as compared to the Convergence 650mm which makes it closer to the E-flite mini Convergence at 410mm. It’s good to see more VTOL designs come out.


This looks like a good deal for the mini-Convergence:

@kd0aij do you think it’s ArduPilot-izable?
If memory serves, @GregCovey had expressed some reserve due to the size

I’ll be giving it a try… would be nice to have such a small and light platform for testing things like QACRO mode.

Very kool!
And that makes sense. On my end, I’m completely new to VTOL and am looking for a small platform to learn and get started with something that I can break without breaking the bank. Given the size of this little guy, I’m guessing it might be more sensitive to fly – maybe not the best starting point (for me) – thoughts?
Greg had recommended a Bix3 build – which I’m considering seriously – but if my first attempt was limited to the ArduPilot-ization (and not include a quadplane conversation) that would be – well – less intimidating. (Also making my way thru the 1800+ messages in the tailsitter thread and interested in quad tailsitters)

Shouldn’t feel much different from the bigger one in VTOL and FBW modes. The question is whether it will seem faster or slower in forward flight. I’m guessing slower.

What flight controller are you planning on using for that?

Probably the mRo x2.1:

with the ACSP5 power module and a Matek SAM-M8Q gps.

It looks like the X2.1, ACSP7 power module, buzzer, and BEC (for servos) will all fit in the FC compartment. Will have to put the GPS and RC RX in the nose.
Weight will go up by 19g since the stock FC was only 12g and the replacement parts + GPS add up to 31g.
Google Photos


I bought a mini Convergence after all…I’ll start by learning to fly it stock – got a BNF on Ebay, let’s see – but do hope to get around to AP-zing it. Except if something like the VT-Bird becomes available or the blackFly-like design matures quickly.
@kd0aij the mRobotics gear you mention is rather more expensive than the Matek @GregCovey uses for his “Full” Convergence – is that FC + power module a better form factor for three Mini version? Any other reasons?

That’s a good idea. I wasn’t able to fly mine stock because the FC is only compatible with the new Spektrum receivers and my transmitters refuse to bind with them.
It looked like the Matek Wing was too large for the mini, and the X2.1 was the only FC I found that is small enough and has enough PWM outputs. But yes, it winds up being significantly more expensive.

I maidened my mini-Convergence with the X2.1 yesterday and it looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun to fly:


Hi Greg & Mark. Thanks for publishing such great work. I am new to the ArduPlane scene but have several successful Inav plane & quad builds done. Your posts inspired me to buy a second hand Convergence and a new matek to attempt this build am hoping to learn a lot and create a working model. Have got the matek in situ flashed and wired. Awaiting a new tbs nano and beltian bn880 gps/compass. I am sure to run into learning issues etc on the way so I hope you don’t mind advising me if things go wrong. :joy: Thanks for the great thread…

@davidabevan Welcome to the ArduPilot community. The Matek F405 Wing looks like a great flight controller at a great price. Best of luck with the Convergence; I think it’s a great choice for a VTOL plane.