Copter-4.1.4 released!

WARNING: we have a report that FrSky R9 receivers are not detected because of (3j) so if you are using these receivers please upgrade to 4.1.5

Copter-4.1.4 has been released as the official/stable version for multicopters and helicopters.

The changes vs 4.1.3 are in the ReleaseNotes and also copied below

  1. Benewake CAN Lidar support
  2. CAN GPS default lag dropped to 0.1 seconds (was 0.22 seconds)
  3. Bug fixes
    a) Compass custom orientation is never overwritten during calibration
    b) EKF logging gaps fixed (some messages were occasionally being skipped)
    c) Guided mode cornering improvements
    d) IMU logging fix for IREG message (records IMU register changes)
    e) LOITER_TO_ALT mission command’s climb rate fixed (could climb or descend too quickly)
    f) Position controller init fix to avoid twitch on vehicles with high vibrations
    g) Position controller init fix to better handle high speed entry to flight mode
    h) Position controller prioritises reducing cross track error
    i) Position controller relax fix
    j) SBUS RC frame gap increased to better handle some new receivers
    k) SERVOx_FUNCTION protection to avoid memory overwrite if set too high
    l) SD card init triggering watchdog fixed
    m) Spline path max lateral acceleration reduced (vehicle stays on path better but may be slower)
    n) Takeoff bug fix if taking off below home or frame specified as MSL

Thanks very much to the beta testers who gave feedback on this release!


First TestFlight Today…
Hexsoon 650
CubeOrange AC 4.1.4
FrSKY with OpenTx
Here3, HereFlow, Lightware LC20, Props T-Motor MF 1503, Tattu Plus 6S 12000
Mauch Powersystem
Landing Gear Tarot 680

Testing AltHold Loiter → Running Perfect
(Indoor Setup)



That’s looking very good, thanks for the feedback!

Nice build, and looks to fly very well !
I like the flight controller cover.

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I am curious did you change the default value of EK3_RNG_M_NSE, EK3_RNG_I_GATE, EK3_RNG_USE_SPD, EK3_ALT_M_NSE, RNGFND_FILT?

for non GPS install case, do you recommend setting EK3_RNG_USE_HGT?

I experience a holding height issue during pitch and roll with Hereflow + LW20 in 4.0.7 Ardupilot using EK2. our workaround under EK2, 4.0.7

After a few flights with 4.1.5 & 4.1.4 (EK3), I still experience a holding height issue (Hereflow+ LW20) at Alt-hold flight mode. Not Sure is it due to settings. Turn OFF Hereflow and LW20, just use built-in baro, holding height is reasonable. Turn off Hereflow and turn ON LW20 also experience hover oscillation. All flights are without GPS installed and fly indoor (logs). I notice XKF1->n->PD is oscillating when LW20 is enabled, not in baro case.

Do I have to make all EK3_SRCx_POSZ to RangeFinder?
How critical for my case without GPS installed (AHRS_GPS_USE, currently is 1 - enabled)?

I have tested EK3_SRCx_POSZ set all to 2 (Rangefinder), and AHRS_GPS_USE to 0, very slight improvement but still bounce inflight.