Copter-4.1.5 released!

Copter-4.1.5 has been released as the official/stable version and can be installed using your favourite ground station (MP, QGC, etc) or downloaded directly from

This is a relatively small release with just two changes listed below (and also in the ReleaseNotes):

Changes from 4.1.4

  1. Bug fixes
    a) attitude control I-term always reset when landed (previously only reset after spool down)
    b) revert SBUS RC frame gap change from 4.1.4

Thanks and enjoy!


Thank you for this,onwards and upwards Team Randy.

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Copter 4.1.5 Omnibus Nano F4 V6.0
it still doesn’t work yaapu script, I can’t test it, I have to go back to 4.1.3 :frowning:

Thank you for your great work, what about this warning, has it been resolved? " WARNING: we have a report that FrSky R9 receivers are not detected because of (3j) so if you are using these receivers please remain on 4.1.3 for now.

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Hi @Agridroni,

yes, that warning has been resolved. I’ll modify it now to point people towards 4.1.5. Txs!

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HI , I want to get source code of 4.1.5 . if anyone have kindly share link plz.

Hi @asadroboo,

It is here in the Copter-4.1 branch.


I’ve noticed that the TCAL_ENABLED does not work on this new 4.1.5.
Exponential valuesare not generated.

It works on my other copter on version 4.1.4

As you can see from the release notes above, the calibration code has not changed. So it is most probably a hardware issue. Is the copter hardware 100% identical? Or are they different? What are the differences?

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