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Cheerson CX-OF - Flowhold - Whobble

(Dre Selen) #1

Today i tested the Cheerson CX-OF sensor in the field.
Loiter and Stabalize work flawless

There is a oscillation (whobble) while hovering in flowhold mode.
It disappears when flying low (<3 ft) or at higher speeds and is very noticable hovering at 5 - 20 ft altitude.

When taking a look at the logfiles, i can see an oscillation

Looking at the times where GPS.Speed is around 0
and then look at any Flow or accelerometer oscillations

How to finetune this oscillation. Is there a PID mechanism for flowhold?

Frame is 25" spinning 1155 props on 3S LIoN (hence the low voltages at high current)

3.6.4 Flowhold -> No such mode - Cheerson CX-OF
(Dre Selen) #2

For others having the same issue;

I Decreased

FHLD_XY_I to 0,2
and Decreased

FHLD_XY_P to 0,1

Try adjusting these params… Maybe it solves your issues to

(ppoirier) #3

have you looke at the original blog ?