[Beta Test Invitation] SIYI Gimbal & ArduPilot Integration: Time & GPS

Dear SIYI gimbal and ArduPilot users,

Thanks to the effort between ArduPilot team and SIYI team, we can finally announce the integration of ArduPilot flight attitude data including GPS and time in SIYI gimbal. We believe that by this integration your flight experience with SIYI gimbal on both ArduPlane and ArduCopter will be quite smooth, especially avoid the roll angle tilt when accelerating and yawing.

ArduPilot Firmware Required:
The “latest” version, the updates are already merged into “master”.

I. ZT30 Test Firmware Pack: ZT30 Test Firmware Pack - Google Drive

a) ZT30 Main Updates

  1. ArduPilot send GPS (latitude/longitude/altitude) to SIYI gimbal for smooth gimbal control / motion during flight
  2. ArduPilot send time data to SIYI gimbal for time information in photo attributes.

b) ZT30 Under Construction

  1. ArduPilot send GPS data to SIYI gimbal for GPS information in photo attributes.

c) ZT30 ArduPilot Unrevelvant Updates

  1. New: Get the raw thermal imaging data
  2. New: Add laser module on and off
  3. New: Increase thermal imaging environment correction, high and low gain switching

II. A8 mini Test Firmware Pack:

a) A8 mini Main Updates

  1. ArduPilot send GPS (latitude/longitude/altitude) to SIYI gimbal for smooth gimbal control / motion during flight

b) A8 mini Under Construction

  1. ArduPilot send time data to SIYI gimbal for time information in photo attributes.
  2. ArduPilot send GPS data to SIYI gimbal for GPS information in photo attributes.

If you are interested in join the tests by working on other SIYI gimbals, please feel free to let us know your model, thanks

Please refer to this page for parameter settings between SIYI gimbal and ArduPilot.


Thank you @SIYI - it is great to see this progress!
Here is an example video I took using a SIYI ZT30 on a Carbonix Ottano aircraft using the new ZT30 firmware:

the gimbal control was good, whereas in previous flights the attitude was very bad.
One extra change in the ZT30 firmware that I was flying in this case was a new SIYI SDK command to disable “weak” gimballing. That is what caused issues with high flight speeds (the Ottano flies at around 95 km/hr) and loss of gimbal control. We are still discussing with SIYI how we will integrate this. On the ZT30 this ability to disable weak gimballing when armed is safe, but we are waiting on confirmation that it is safe on other SIYI gimbals.


I’ve also been testing the raw thermal option for the ZT30 in the latest firmware. Using “raw thermal” allows for much better thermal quality at lower frame rates. Currently the raw thermal images get saved to the microSD card (although I have setup a job to transfer those to my laptop while flying so I can view them).
here is a sample image comparing raw thermal to the H265 thermal video

this was a test at a range of around 200m with a very small gas heater as the target. You can see how much easier it is to spot small targets with the raw thermal. The raw thermal files are 16 bit per pixel raw temperatures.


Hi @SIYI ,
This sounds like an excellent step forward.

Could you confirm if a similar beta is available for the A8 Mini? We have a number of A8 Minis available that we could provide some testing on.


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I am pushing for you and for A8 mini.


Frank,Tridge and rest of the team what great news this is a few words and a big step forward for SIYI and Ardupilot,thank you so so much.Like Joshanne im interested in the A8 and MK32 progress developement,today my doggie Pixie will get extra sauges because of this,many many thanks Ye He


Thank you to all involved! I will do some testing with the A8 on a Solo.


We have just ordered a Siyi MK32 and A8 mini gimbal from 3dxr for use on a arducopter S1000. Looking forward to what comes :slight_smile:

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It would be great if you could also bring out smaller gimbal cameras and not just the ZT30 with unlimited yaw. It doesn’t matter with a copter, but in an aeroplane unlimited yaw is very important to be able to follow objects or fix a point of interest. Tridge’s example film can therefore unfortunately not work with the A8.


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HUGE thank you to everyone involved!!

We can do some testing in Copter with A8 mini and soon with ZT30.

Waiting for A8 mini firmware to start testing! @SIYI

Thanks again!

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@SIYI Seems still there is an autofocus problem on SIYI ZR10, Are you going to address it in the near future? Please find the video on the following URL ZiyiFocusAutoFocusProblem - Made with Clipchamp.mp4 - Google Drive


I tested this beta and found some issues.

What does not work:

  • After some movement commands, the camera spins on its own, without commands that come from Mission Planner UI. After that point, no UI commands affect. See above log & video. Restarting the autopilot makes the movement to change or stop but still further commands do not execute correctly. Restarting the camera stops the movement. Double green LED is still present on camera. Restarting the camera while the autopilot is still on, makes everything work again.
  • Thermal image has good time in its name but no good GPS info in its EXIF data
  • There is no raw thermal on the microSD card

My use case it that I just need to know the position of taken images. Or where the camera is pointing to. I do not need precision. For now processed thermal images works.

Let me know what you need to debug. I can ssh into the camera if required.

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Please write to support@siyi.biz for direct help

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Hi @SIYI can you confirm whether a similar test firmware will be released for the ZR10 (which has also had many issues with roll angle) in addition to the ZT30?

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Great work with the ZT30 @SIYI.
When the A8 mini update becomes available I can test it. Are you gonna post it here?
Looking forward for it.

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There will be, we just need more time.

A8 mini test firmware has been updated to the main post
@airton_dep @ddomit @Rolf @ronsand @jbb2068 @joshanne


Thanks @SIYI , we’ll update the firmware and give it a test.

Thanks Frank!! Do you mean on this blog on A8 main post? I did not see it, is it on the website?

Can you share the link here as well please?

Thanks @SIYI. We are testing it now.