SIYI ZT30 Four-Sensor Optical Pod - 4K 180X Hybrid Zoom, 640 x 512 Thermal Imaging, 2K Wide-Angle, 1200-meter Rangefinder, AI Tracking, Limitless Yaw Axis

Connecting a SIYI ZT30 to the ArduPilot SITL Simulator

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Hi @SIYI! Sorry about the angle on the videos but Youtube does not allow me to rotate videos any more.

Here is a video showing the above:

Follow mode did work but Lock mode, which is what I want (since my aircraft slowly oscillates left and right a bit), did not work and would continuously spin. The video is the same as above:

Here is a video showing this issue: . Note that no other app is opened on the MK32, which is running the latest FW.

Here is a video showing this issue: . Note that the serial is not connected but it does not make sense that the distance to the target is not correct.

Maybe I am not doing something correctly but I cannot see it.

@murcamil Did you get any feedback from @SIYI About this issues?

How is it going with the camera, im planning to buy a few but im a little sceptical about its functionality. Can you provide more feedback and review please?


Hi! Sorry for the late reply. I do not have more info than what is written here. It is a very good camera system but it would be fantastic if all things would actually work. If you have some more specific questions, just write them here and I will try to answer.
Compared to the other market options like the Nighthawk2, which works perfectly, but costs 30k$ this is a much better deal, when all things will work as expected. The integration with PX4 and QGC of the Nighthawk2 is fantastic and so is the auto-tracking system, but the price is huge.
I got a DM today from Siyi to help me solve my issues.
Hope it helps.

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ZT30 Firmware Update Log

SIYI FPV App Update Log

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I am currently using the SİYİ ZT30 camera, which provides both thermal and RGB imaging. I regularly follow the firmware updates for this camera. However, with the current firmware downloaded from the official website, I am experiencing issues in changing the color palette in thermal imaging mode. When I change this setting and save it through the Siyi Assistant app, I observe no alterations.

The firmware versions I am using are as follows:

  • GIMBAL FIRMWARE: ZT30 Gimbal Firmware v0.1.9 svn7057 dated 2023-10-13.bin
  • ZOOM FIRMWARE: ZT30 Zoom Firmware v0.1.6 svn6792 dated 2023-07-10.bin

I download the firmware files from Currently, I am using the ‘Iron Oxide’ color palette in thermal imaging and wish to change it to ‘White Hot’. Could you please assist me with this issue?

Thank you,
Sergen Erbay.

What is the camera firmware version? Is it up to date as well?

I have checked my firmware versions through the Siyi Assistant, and they appear as follows:

Gimbal Firmware: 0.1.9
ZOOM Firmware: 0.1.6

I have downloaded the latest firmware pack from the Siyi website at this link. However, after setting the Thermal imaging pseudo color and saving the settings, when I reconnect to the system, the color palette section appears empty.

Please don’t miss the camera firmware

It should be 0.1.8.


For the firmware update, I copied the “.bin” file onto a reset and FAT32 formatted SD card.

Then, I connected the camera to the power source without any USB connection and waited for 3-5 minutes, expecting the camera to automatically update its firmware. However, after the waiting period, I turned off the camera, removed the SD card, and then powered it on again to check the firmware version via USB, only to discover that no update had taken place. Moreover, when I checked the SD card, I found that the “.bin” file had been deleted and new folders were created. I repeated this process several times but ended up with the same result each time. Could I be missing a step somewhere?

This means sucess. Please restart the camera to check the camera firmware version in SIYI Assistant

It appears the issue was related to the model of the SD card I was using. Although two different SD cards were recognized as FAT32, the update could not be completed with them. However, when I tried with a SanDisk card, the update was successfully performed.

In addition, I am curious to know if there is software support within the camera that allows synchronized output from both RGB and thermal cameras simultaneously. Also, is it possible to retrieve temperature data for the entire image from the thermal camera? In other words, can I extract temperature data for every pixel point?

@SIYI Is it possible to use the ZT30 with a Herelink or is the SIYI remote control a prerequisite for the full range of functions? And if it is possible, what are the limitations?

Both SIYI link and cameras are open to customer ecosystems. They do not limit customers to use them together.

If you use a third-party link, please make sure if it supports

  • ArduPilot gimbal control (UART) / S.Bus control
  • Ethernet input (ZT30 outputs through Ethernet only)
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ZT30 Firmware Update Log

  • Camera Firmware: 0.1.9
  • Gimbal Firmware: 0.2.1
  • SIYI FPV (Windows): Original version
  • SIYI FPV (Android):
  • SIYI PC Assistant: 1.4.0


  1. New: Support SIYI FPV (Windows) version
  2. New: Supports obtaining a whole frame of thermal imaging temperature raw data (only for taking pictures)
  3. New: Laser ranging switch, supports turning on/off the laser ranging function through SIYI FPV app and SIYI Gimbal SDK protocol
  4. New: Support DCIM standard file system and EXIF information format
  5. New: SIYI gimbal SDK supports obtaining attitude data from external devices for flight controller integration
  6. New: SIYI gimbal SDK supports obtaining GPS information and adding it to photo EXIF format
  7. New: SIYI Gimbal SDK supports formatting SD card
  8. New: AI following function (only for SIYI AI tracking module and multi-rotor drones)
  9. New: Adapt to Mavlink protocol control and support the integration of PX4 flight controller attitude data
  10. New: Thermal imaging secondary calibration, thermal imaging environment correction, thermal imaging high and low gain switching
  11. Fix: Video recording screen was blurry and the sub-stream recording under H264 format could not be played normally.
  12. Fix: SIYI gimbal SDK gimbal rotation command experience optimization and attitude control abnormality

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I was trying the ‘Request Temperature from the Thermal Imaging Camera Once’ function with the new update, and bin files came into the SD card. Do I need to read these? How can I do it with Python? Also, do I have a chance to pull this information via Ethernet?

Hi, we setup the Control SIYI Optical Pod (Gimbal Camera) in SIYI FPV App through SIYI link. As soon as I plug in the power, we encounter a spin problem in yaw rotation. The camera starts to rotate rapidly and we cannot see the image in the FPV app. When I look for FW update, I can see and update the Gimbal module, but the Zoom module does not appear at all, the camera FW also does not appear and it does not update from the SD card.

We also receive the Zoom module light warning.

The video is attached, we are waiting for urgent help!

Please write to or contact your sales representative directly
It’s not timely and effective to do trouble shooting and offer solution for very complicated issues.

Operating Tutorial - Use SIYI FPV for Windows to Control SIYI Optical Pod