Battery failsafe on Qland

Hello all,

i have been working on my Quadplane for sometime now on the arduplane 4.1.5 stable and has been flying pretty well.
Recently i have come across a peculiar problem that i believed was resolved on arduplane 4.1 but was encountered on my recent flight.

After completion of the mission of around 90mins i initiated an RTL, the quadplane completed the whole land sequence and transitioned into the wind. On transition as the current consumption increased and the voltage sagged the autopilot triggered battery failsafe and transitioned back into plane did and RTL sequence again and returned to land. Since the Plane was at around 60m altitude we let it do its thing to see what it does. i was under the assumption that if the quadplane is in Qland mode FS would not be triggered but i was wrong.

Assuming this happens at a lower altitude, this might pose as a significant danger. I would like to understand if this is a bug or i have not set any parameter right.

attached along is the flight log and the param list to check if anyone could provide me with a solution for the same.


281220211823 post flight.param (22.1 KB)

@tridge could you please take a look into this issue.

Oh yes, it is equally dangerous if you are doing manual landings in Qstabilize.

We ended up disabling battery failsafes alltogether untill this is resolved.

My suggestion is a parameter (bitmask) that defines flight modes where battery FS is active.

Was this a voltage based FS trigger or mAh remaining?

It is a voltage based battery FS. but irrespective any failsafe triggered it follows the same behavior which is dangerous.

Hello all, does anyone know if there have been any improvements on this side? If not, what solutions do you use to limit this problem?

The workaround seems to be to set Q_RTL_MODE = 1, but that prevents you from using RTL as a holding pattern and doesn’t help if you are attempting to land or fly as a quad away from the home location.

This has been discussed, but the devs don’t seem to see it as an issue

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