Avoidance Experiments with the POC and Benewake TFMINI

I thinks you are referring to this

Hello to all, i have a similar request.If anyone could explain how can i pass the command to revert back to serial once on I2c. Using TFminiPlus. Please, and thanks in advance.

Here is an interesting offer from Benewake for anyone who wants to develop and integrate Benewake product free evaluation activity for developer

hi, i got a question for you. did you have a chance to look at this product:

i got one board long ago with a F765 sent for evaluation - it is a combined optical sensor and L0X sending data over serial interface.

i am not sure - do you think it is practically usable? L0x is very short range, but they added PMW3901 into the mix. theoretically it could help in optical flow position hold, but how well does that PMW3901 actually work?

Yeah it is similar to http://www.proficnc.com/all-products/185-pixhawk2-suite.html but on serial.
This particular device is limited to indoor with max height of 1.5 Meter,making them pretty useless,

ST have made their own version of the POC


Presently working on a 3D printed POC


Thats cool
Can’t wait to see it working

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I wish Benewake had CAN version of these lidars.

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Just use a CAN module to interface the TFMINI serial, it works OK


Hi Patrick,which can interface module would you recomend please.many thank’s in advance

There was some discussion here:


and here:

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Think I will order one from mRo and give it a try,thank you Patrick

Good day, i advice you the mRo can node… just check also when you will receive the version of the firmware… you can use rangefinder on rangefinder firmware and also with the universal firmware.

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Thank you for this may contact you when it arrives

of course yes… for suggestions and advices

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ordered cant wait to try it have a few uart benewake’s to set up for avoidance

me in still testing two nodes wired together but with different sensors

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looks like plenty of fun ahead testing ye he

me I’ve on the way two for other developments

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