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ArduPilot slogans

(Thomas Lauzon) #41

Thanks for the special mug @jpkh
Here’s another direction:
Community built drone operating system for creators and operators

The neat thing about the vistaprint option is that many different designs can be sold at the same time. That’s a great opportunity for testing and selecting the ones that people buy the most.
Also people might buy multiple mugs if they have different funny or cool phrases. Or even a collection of the different sub category logos. Looks like it takes you guys only a few minutes to make all these variations.

(Thomas Lauzon) #42

I think drone now means more than flying vehicles. e.g. Space-x’ droneship.

(Thomas Lauzon) #43

By the way, my favorite color scheme for the mug is black outside, green inside

(davidbitton) #44

It just works.
Autotune? We got it!

(Luís Vale Gonçalves) #45

(mike kelly) #46

True but Zazzle not Vistaprint. Vistaprint does not offer store front end services. Zazzle does but their prices are higher, maybe too high? Vistaprint offers a 40% margin but does not take orders.

(jpkh) #47

Also Vistaprint only delivers to 19 countries around the world so most of the world would be left out. Anyways let’s concentrate on slogans here.
@mike yeah icon for sure would be best and also hardest to make as there is a lot of alignment when making those. Will check from our supplier if they are willing to make those types too.

(Nathan E) #48

I think it just sound better than submerge. Maybe it’s less technically correct, but it’s just a slogan.

(OlliW42) #49

love it
now, the “float” needs replacement too, it phonetically just does fit
try spelling " Fly It - Float It - Drive It - Dive It" and “Fly It - Drive It - Dive It” … the float makes you stumble

(Jagger) #50

Excellent stuff.The ArduPilot poem.

Fly it
Drive it
Sail it
Dive it

(OlliW42) #51

phonetically I would go with

Fly it
Dive it
Sail it
Drive it

Mugs, cups etc ideas
(Jagger) #52

Agreed.Sounds better.

(.) #53

I want one of these!

(jpkh) #54

It is all official now. Take a look at

(ppoirier) #55

Great!! Are you planning on releading the Mugs soon ?
Take my vote on the Fly-it Drive-it series

(Chris Hawley) #56

Ardupilot: all the automation and twice the awesome.

Ardupilot: strong in the source this one is.

Ardupilot: We innovate so you can focus on long-range proprietary Wi-Fi systems.

More autopilot for less.

Ardupilot: The autopilot that satisfies your every need and is approved by your parents.

Ardupilot: All the automation with none of the Big Brother.

Ardupilot: Maximise the angle of your dangle with less risk of a bingle!

(jpkh) #57

@ppoirier yes, first set of mugs will arrive today. First set is white mug and here is sneak preview of those :slight_smile:

For future mugs/cups etc discussion, let’s move it to mugs, cups post here and keep this post reserved for slogans discussion.

Mugs, cups etc ideas
(ppoirier) #58

This is the slogan of the new company formed by Lorenz Meier & Kevin Sartori.

(jpkh) #59

ArduPilot: Creators of the autonomous robots industry :wink:

(John R) #60

Ok, this may be leaning a little more to recreational users:

Ardupilot, Your virtual co-pilot