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ArduPilot slogans

(mike kelly) #21

@ppoirier I think you illustrate the point that Ardupilot is many things that much of even the professional and DIY community does not understand. So the effort should definitely try, the best that we can, to inform.

But, of course, the tagline needs to be memorable, short and catchy and then tell everything there is to know about Ardupilot.

Easy no problem.

(ppoirier) #22

So in this spirit I would say:
Developped by Humans , used by Robots

(OlliW42) #23

I actually think it should not try to inform, teach, tell, or such … that’s technical geeks thing … I think it should raise an emotion (a positive one of course) … I think all good marketing slogans do just that

(jpkh) #24

@olliw42 yes agree with you, it should definitely raise a positive emotion. That’s the best way to be remembered. Good example of those catchy slogans is for example Nike’s “Just Do It”, it’s short, catchy and tells it all.

Naturally is cannot be anything similar to those big name slogans or there is a high risk that we will get contacted by their lawyer department which we definitely don’t want to happen.

(mike kelly) #25

I think that is only useful when you are trying to sell things to people that they don’t really need or want. I hope Ardupilot is not in that category.

(jpkh) #26

It’s not that much of selling ArduPilot, it’s spreading it’s name in way that people can easily associate slogan to “Ah it was that great system that made the unmanned world much easier”

(mike kelly) #27

True but it is also the chance to explain what Ardupilot is since the name does not tell you that.
If you said Ardupilot: Just do it.

I think most people would ask “do what?”

(Nathan E) #28

Ardupilot. Taming Robots

That gives you some emotions, it’s easy, and it’s fairly accurate. If you want to separate it from indutrial static robots, it could be taming mobile robots.

(Andrew Challenger) #29

ArduPilot: Drones for the people?

(Jagger) #30

So -

Ardupilot - Fly It - Float It - Drive It - Submerge It.


ArduCopter - Fly It
ArduBoat - Float It
ArduPlane - Fly It
ArduSub - Submerge It
ArduRover - Drive It

(Simon Cozzolino) #31

Get ready for the none plane or copter user hate…

Ardupilot - Fly Hard

(mike kelly) #32

What about my rover:(

(Simon Cozzolino) #33


I’ll hereby change my suggestion to the all inclusive tag line “Professional autonomy”

Mugs, cups etc ideas
(jpkh) #34

Yep. We cannot use Drone word or any dedicated words like copter etc as ArduPilot runs from submarines all the way to rockets and everything between it.

me like it…

(jpkh) #35

Playing around but they all look nice. Here’s few mockups done on Coffee Mugs.

(jpkh) #36

And one for @tomlauzon too :slight_smile:

(jpkh) #37

And one of my favorite but I might be biased as we make those keyrings :wink:

(jpkh) #38

Color does not matter as long as it’s Black :slight_smile:

(mike kelly) #39

In thinking about the difficulty of describing in words the different vehicles etc that Ardupilot supports maybe an icon is worth a thousand words.

(OlliW42) #40

my favorites so far (in no order)

the icons should be a bit fresher though

I like also the idea of using funny&cool phrases