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ArduPilot slogans

(jpkh) #1

We are looking the perfect slogan for ArduPilot. Here is good way to shine :sunglasses:

So lets start throwing some ideas.

  • Nr.1 Open Source Autopilot
  • Autopilot system for everyone
  • Need to remove pilot? No problems
  • Let ArduPilot to take you there

(Jagger) #2

Unmanned ArduPilot Vehicle

Unmanned ArduPilot System.

(Matt) #3

“ArduPilot, the premiere open source autopilot platform, not controlled by corporate interests, that doesn’t send your personal information back to China.”


(ppoirier) #4

We Control Mobile Robots

WAIT … There is more !!!
I would like to suggest a new meaning for ARDU (now the ino is gone…)
Autonomous Robots Developpers - Users community

(mike kelly) #5

Ardupilot descriptive words. How would you describe what Ardupilot does to the lay public or average RC user.

Wheels, Wings,
Aircraft, Boats, Rovers, Planes, Submarines
Open Source
Community, Volunteer
Feature Rich, Tunable, Customizable, Reliable, Experienced
Flight Controller
Everyone, Anyone, Inclusive
Land, Sea, Air
Commerical, Emergency, Safety

Robotic Vehicles that work for you.

(OlliW42) #6

ArduPilot. What else.

ArduPilot. Nothing else.

ArduPilot. Free. Open. Unparalleled.

Simply ArduPilot.

and all variations thereof.

(Luís Vale Gonçalves) #7



(mike kelly) #8

Ardupilot: Get control of your vehicle
Ardupilot: Fly with a Mission
Ardupiot: Fly in control
I’m on a Mission from Ardupilot
Autonomous Vehicle Technology for Everyone
Get your Robot under control with Ardupilot
Ardupilot: Autonomous Robotics
Ardupilot: Big Brother is not watching :slight_smile:
Ardupilot: We don’t phone home
Autonomous Robotics
Robotics made fun!

(Francisco Ferreira) #9

Small variation (that I like): Autonomous Vehicles for Everyone

(jpkh) #10

@mike posted these on another post so let’s have them here too. In overall it’s not good to have slogan that flames others directly or indirectly. Also let’s try to keep it as short as possible so we can print those on all swags now and in future. I know, it’s easy to say but there are some really good already even on this thread.

Mikes earlier proposals:
“The Professional Autopilot for the 21st Century”
“Most Advanced Civilian Autopilot”
“Autopilot Software for the 21st Century”
“Autopilot Software for the Drone Century”
“The Advanced and Professional Autopilot”
“The Autopilot for Pros”
“The Pro Autopilot”
“Professional Autonomous Vehicle Technology for everyone”

(jpkh) #11

I actually like these:

  • ArduPilot: Fly in control
  • ArduPilot, fly free
  • ArduPilot, nothing else
  • ArduPilot, No problems…

Ok we would also think that we don’t include that ArduPilot text on slogan line at all as slogan would always be under ArduPilot logo. Same / Similar logo what we have here on forums header area.

Here is one example with logo and text (yes not aligned properly):

Autonomous robotics

  • Worry free autonomy
  • Autonomy made for people
  • Autonomy made for everyone
  • Everlasting autonomy
  • You watch, I drive
  • Just fly it (ok this we might get hit by n…e layers, same thing like we cannot use “Inside” text)
  • Autonomous system for champions (a bit longish)

Keep those ideas coming :slight_smile:

(jpkh) #12

I just love that Brainz by logo. @luisvale can I use it on some items? I have another idea that I need to talk with you too.

(peterbarker) #13

ArduPilot: Autonomize Anything
ArduPilot: AUTO FTW
ArduPilot: Open Autonomy

(Luís Vale Gonçalves) #14

sure to both @jpkh


What about this:
ArduPilot the real UNMANNED Pilot

(jpkh) #16

For real unmanned vehicles

(Nathan E) #17

Ardupilot. The most advanced open source unmanned vehicle control system.
Ardupilot. Autonomous (or Unmanned) vehicles controlled.
Ardupilot. The most popular autopilot for everyone.

(jpkh) #18

Autonomy? We have it.

(ppoirier) #19

I see that we have 2 “School of thought” or mindset:

A) Unmanned Vehicle
B) Mobile Robots

Depending on what is your perception of the product or in what field you operate
Doing mostly - companion computer - and vision stuff I am more inclined to call it Mobile Robot

and what I like about robot is that we can reuse ARDU = Autonomous Robot Developpers & User community

(Thomas Lauzon) #20
The firmware that dominates robotics competitions year after year, contributors welcome.