ArduPilot SWAG Shop,

After many months of working and planning within ArduPilot marketing team, we are finally pleased to announce our own ArduPilot organization swag / merchandise store.

The official store address is:

What is this shop all about? It is for all types of ArduPilot branded swag/fun merchandise. Many people have been asking a lot of different type products like coffee mugs, stickers, polo shirts and so on: Here is your official destination now to get all those. And every purchase you make from this shop will support ArduPilot development.

New products coming to the SWAG shop will constantly appear. If you think that something nice and important is missing, please post your idea on our marketing threads, we will then look at what can be done.

ArduPilot is a Non-Profit organization, but it does not mean that everything is free. Organization have many expenses to be covered. There are repository costs, servers around the world serving firmwares for all users, exhibitions, development projects, and so on.

Funding to operate is coming mainly from our partners, individual users and now also from the swag store.

If you think that you have a great idea that would help improve ArduPilot, please take a look at our Proposals area here on the ArduPilot Discuss forum. And join us on the development efforts.

So now go and get your swag: and help us make the whole world know about ArduPilot.


YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! So excited to finally have this and a way to spend money back to the great developers!!

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Impressed to see a female cup :smiley: , thank to consider woman here :blush:
You consider a hat with protect all arrownd the head? I’ try to find a photo.

Like this

We try to have everything to everyone. There are many female users and also many male users have their partners and it’s nice when whole family can support this marvelous project we have been working so long.

Btw there are nice pink polos too, checkout

And we always welcome other ideas. You can post more of those on AP Marketing area. As for around the head, I think what you mean. We use a lot that type hats here in Asia as sun is really.

Yep those are also often used on aviation. We will look what can be done…

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Yes finally here ! And next step must be to (directly or indirectly via redirects to resellers) sell the main Ardupilot hardware : pixhawk2, Here GPS and all other hardware that gives a share to Ardupilot organization.


Oh WOW… @Gary_Mortimer you really surprised us… :slight_smile:

The following is constructive feedback, I hope!

I decided to order some Ardupilot swag. Basically just a load of stickers. The shipping for stickers was $9, which I thought was pretty high. But no matter. 18 days later I get an email telling me my order has shipped. 18 days to ship an online order! And now I see that $10 makes sense as it is shipping from Thailand and it will take 15-75 days to get them.

Fine I guess but this is not really helping the project as well as it could (unless you live in Asia). Can Ardupilot swag not be sold in other stores like RMRC and GetFPV, or any retailer, anywhere, that wants to help out?

Why not crowd fund a larger production run of merchandise to get unit costs down and encourage reputable online retailers to sell the stuff. You could even sell the merchandise to the online sellers at its production cost and ask them to sell it on consignment at suggested retail prices and forward the proceeds to Ardupilot on a monthly basis. You could probably do all of this on a drop-ship basis to bigger retailers. Maybe Hobbyking would help out.

Also, why not suggest a more creative pricing. One decal sticker for $5 and a pack of 10 for $20. The objective is get a lot of decals on planes, right? I spent $25 and I am getting I think 4 decals (at some point) – I should have ordered more.

Thank you Mark,
It is always good to get feed back. Hmm I need to check from why your order has been taking so long. Normally they all leave in 1-2 business days.

SWAG are always a bit difficult items. Idea of ArduPilot swag shop was to generate some extra supportive funds for the organization it self. Selling products to other retailers with production cost would not make sense. As it would be difficult to handle all support payments etc. Sure it would be great to have support from HobbyKing, RMRC and others, so far there has not been any interest.

Register AirMail was chosen we shipment prices can be kept as low as possible. In generally it is also rather fast. To USA most packets arrives in 1-2 weeks. If you don’t mind, please send note to me when you get yours.


Thanks. I am not really complaining though.

I do not really agree with your take on this though. It would be extra organizational work but that is front loaded. This would be a program for retailers. Have a web form for them to pre-order merchandise. Have it made in larger lots. Invoice them slightly above cost. Make it an honors system—trust them to cut you a check each quarter. Only deal with reputable people. I am prepared to bet you will get more merchandise out there and also get a lot more funding. I really wonder why HK would not participate in this. They do like PR that makes them look good. RMRC and GETFPV are probably no-brainless.

I think a lot of people would add a 10-pack of decals to an order. Not many are motivated enough to use the swag store, sadly. This is not in any way a criticism of your stellar efforts.

Will the ardupilot SWAG Shop come back online soon? i would love to order some stuff :wink:


Unfortunately, we got no plan to make another swag shop for now.

Most likely not. Overall demand was rather low.

too bad, is there a way to get the ArduPilot Logo as eps or other Vector graphic so i can order some hoodies at a local textil printing store?

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