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Mugs, cups etc ideas


(jpkh) #1

This thread is for ArduPilot mugs, cups and similar design ideas. Needs etc.

Initial batch is mugs is just about to arrive on SWAG shop and they look like this:

Other planned mugs/cups:

  • Black coffee mugs
  • Stainless steel travel mugs
  • “Water” travel bottles

What else?? Let your ideas fly and post it in here.

Mugs and cups will be under Accessories category

ArduPilot slogans
(jpkh) #2

Black coffee mug mockup. Final mugs will not have any white line top/bottom like these do.

There is also plans to have same white/black designs with several different slogans. There are several great ideas already on the slogans post

(Tim Jones) #3

Yes please
Would love to have one

(jpkh) #4

First set of white coffee mugs has arrived and are available in swag shop here

Slogan test courtesy of Cozzy

(Thomas Lauzon) #5

Don’t mean bad but not sure what professional autonomy means… makes it sounds like a career website or something. Logo looks good though.

(Simon Cozzolino) #6

Out of mug stock already? Noooo!

(jpkh) #7

@Cozzy no worries, new batch is ready…

(Kurt shaw) #8

I would love to see mugs with ardurover arduplane and arducopter Ardusub maybe even arduboat “even though it’s part of Rover” . And an option to buy them in full set.

(jpkh) #9

Yes, there are plans to made others too. ArduPilot is just the main name of the organization and that way “easiest” to start. Others we need to think on how to present them.

Maybe ArduPilot as a smaller text and turned 90 degrees on either side of the mug and then vehicle name as ArduPilot is now. After designs are done, it’s not a bit issue to make them available.

How would you like to see them?? There are also some rather good slogans for those different vehicles.

Such as: