ArduPilot Developer Conference 2022

The ArduPilot development team is delighted to announce the ArduPilot developer conference is on again, from 8th to 10th April 2022 (in Australian time zone).
As travel is still difficult for many people we have taken the decision to once again hold the conference as an online only event. We hope that for 2023 we will meet in person once again!
We will be using zoom meetings again this year. This worked very well in 2020 and 2021, and we again have a great line up of speakers.
To give you an idea of how the conference is run, the videos of the talks from 2021 are here:

As usual we will be recording all the talks and making them available on the ArduPilot youtube channel as soon as we can.
We still have a couple of opening for speakers, so anyone wanting to give a presentation should contact me as soon as possible.
Everyone who has contributed code or documentation to ArduPilot is automatically welcome to attend the event live, along with all members of ArduPilot partner companies.
I look forward to seeing many of you at the conference!
I will be posting the planned schedule soon so you can plan your sleep patterns to not miss any of your favourite talks.
For reference, the schedule from 2021 is available in this posting:

you can see the format we are using. We deliberately space out the timings to allow people from any timezone to be able to attend talks. We try to align the time for a particular speakers slot with their own timezone so they can give their presentation at a good time for them.
See you soon!
Andrew Tridgell
ArduPilot Dev Team


This is the schedule for the conference. Coming soon!


Live stream of session 1 has started! ArduPilot Dev Conference 2022 - session 1 - YouTube

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link to my systems update talk slides:

Here are William’s slides on BlueOS: ArduPilot Conference 2022 BlueOS presentation - Google Slides

Here’s my boat slides: ArduPilot Conference 2022 : Boat update by Randy Mackay - Google Slides

Here are my slides for tomorrow: Tuning AP For Performance - Google Slides


Live stream for session 2 started


Here are my slides for tonight.
Traditional Helicopter Update

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here are the slides from Leonards Advanced Guidance talk
AdvancedGuidance.pdf (642.1 KB)

ESP32 slides from Nick Kruzan, presented along with David Buzz:

Here are my slides for Ardupilot Cloud Control

slides for my quadplane ship landing talk:


slides for the GNC Update from Paul Riseborough

live stream started for session 5: ArduPilot Dev Conference 2022 - Session 5 - YouTube

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My Tailsitter slides.

TailSitters 2022.pdf (864.5 KB)


Thanks for the notes

all the videos from the conference are now uploaded. Full playlist here:


Thanks @tridge and all Dev. team for this very informative series of presentations.
I really enjoyed watching it on Youtube , it is more convenient than trying to stay awake in middle of night for live stream… :slight_smile:

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I was looking at the slides of GNC update. In the “TECS pitch demand.pdf” I saw some suspicious things.
@priseborough I would think the V_dot terms (bottom left corner) must not be squared and divided by two, since the derivative of v^2 is 2v\dot{v}. Is it only a typo, or this might be a reason why the controller is not yet working perfectly?!

Thanks for noticing that. It’s a copy and paste error in teh diagram. I’ll fix the diagram.