[APPROVED] Hardware for GSoC 2023 Camera & Gimbal Project

Topic:Hardware for GSoC 2023 Camera & Gimbal Project

This is a draft proposal for hardware required for the GSoC 2023 camera and gimbal project that Asif Khan is working on.

Proposal type: Hardware [x]


  1. Battery (e.g. this 5200mAh battery) $65
  2. charger (e.g. this one) because ZR10 requires a battery for power $90
  3. Ethernet switch box (SwitchBlox Nano - Micro Ethernet Switch 3 Port Network Switch) $70 + shipping
  4. Regular 5+ port ethernet switch (to be used while waiting for BotBlox) $40 + shipping
  5. 5x RJ-45 ethernet cables ($25)
  6. Transmitter/Receiver ($150)
  7. Frame to support gimbal ($50)

The advantage of providing the more expensive ViewPro is that it would allow continued development on the AP View Pro driver (by someone other than Randy) including adding support for sending the autopilot’s position to the camera, absolute zoom and focus feedback and potentially moving the driver to C++ instead of Lua.

A list of camera enhancements and gimbal enhancements are here on the issues list.

GSoC project outline is here.

Planned amount $$ (USD): 490

Estimated time for completion: 6 months

Items that were donated

  1. Camera Gimbal Siyi ZR10 ($530+shipping) OR ViewPro A10 Tracking camera ($1399+shipping) ← Siyi ZR10 donated!
  2. Autopilot with ethernet support (CubeRed, Holybro Pixhawk6, CUAV pixhawk v6x) + GPS ← CUAV pixhawk v6x donated!
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@rmackay9 just for ease of reference, can you link the GSoC project to the proposal?
fyi there’s a couple of other autopilots that support Ethernet (cuav v6X, some of the v5’s, Ark, maybe more).

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Yes, sure. I’ve linked it above now (and here too)

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@rmackay9 should we expect some annoucement about the GSoC 2023 ?
Funny that I learned about it on LinkedIn … :laughing:


I guess I could create a blog post although I don’t think we’ve done that in recent years. Normally each student creates a blog post at the beginning and the end of their project. Like these examples from Shiv last year.

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Approved by the @Funding_Team

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