Anyone have FrSky SmartPort telemetry working on a Matek F405 Wing?

Does anyone here have SmartPort telemetry working under a Matek F405 Wing? If so, would you mind sharing your setup (FW ver & wiring)? I’ve tried inverted and non-inverted on 3 different UARTs and cannot get it working for the life of me. In iNav it works perfectly out of the box so I know it’s not a hardware issue.

Yes. Plane 3.9.9 and 3.9.10 using a Craft and Theory cable connected to UART5 using S.Port passthrough. FlightDeck on a Taranis.

I had a heap of trouble getting it to work initially and I don’t what I changed to make it all work. I have since configured a second F405-Wing and had no issues at all :confused:

Are you using the Craft and Theory cables on both of them? Do you know if the cables have like a built-in inverter or anything special? I’d prefer to DIY my cable if possible to avoid spending $20, but any setup I’ve been trying isn’t working so far.

I have it working using an inverter, you can also get cheap pre-made ones on banggood ect

Any way you can get it working with the R-XSR’s built in inverter, or do you specifically need external hardware for it? I thought external hardware was no longer required with the new SERIAL_OPTIONS thing

Serial_options thing works on F7 boards only AFAIK

Half duplex works on F4 boards as far as I know, I don’t think the inversion / swapping does though.

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Both using C&T cables, I did cut off the Pixhawk connector and replaced with a Molex; This required a bit of care since the wiring is all black except pin 1. I went with the C&T cable because they are spares from my early days with ArduPilot when I just wanted a known, working solution.

I’ll have to look at the problem closer on my next build since I just used my last spare.

Matek have documented that the F405-Wing does support Frsky telemetry on TX1 or TX6.

It is necessary to set SERIALx_OPTIONS 7
The Arduplane wiki explains the various bit settings for this parameter.

BUT, I do not see this parameter in the full parameter list in Mission Planner!
I have Arduplane 3.9.11 and latest MP.
Where to else to look??

Use the latest 4.0 beta, I don’t think 3.9 has it.

Is this the first time in history that documentation is ahead of a product release? :wink:

In fairness, it does mention at the top of the list that some parameters may not be in the current release. It would be helpful if they were identified in some way e.g.italics. I had assumed that since the ardupilot wiki mentions this parameter in the full parameter list, it would be available in the current release . . . .

Just found this little guy on Amazon for $12

Just bought it, maybe it’ll work better than the 100% not genuine ebay inverter thing. Will update when it shows up.

Did you try SERIALx_OPTIONS 4
(Half duplex only)

with the R-XSR?

So it works 100% fine with that Amazon converter thing. We really shouldn’t have to use this in the first place though, since iNav is able to make it work without additional hardware.

Inav have implemented software serial, Ardupilot uses hardware serial.

I know this is an old thread, but I could not get passthru working with an F405Wing and R-XSR receiver. The Max232 based converters didn’t work, nor did the uninverted pad on the receiver. I ended up building a converter from two BC547 transistors and some resistors that works great. Using any other method I got weird signals on my oscope, but I’m not good enough with electronics to figure out what is not right.

Uninverted , half duplex looks ok coming from the receiver, but the signal from the FC only goes to around 3V instead of 0 for a 1 bit.

For D16 users, a Jumper R8 receiver can be usefull. I have one of these working
with my RL MiniPix and the yaapu telemetry script on my QX7 and it works great.
Serial option 10 and its done.
Btw, this RX is at the same price as the cable…:wink:

On my other planes I use the R9M system and an adapter cable is a must.

I have tried without success to get S.Port telemetry from my R-XSR <-> F405-Wing by connecting the uninverted “P” pad on the RX to T6 and configuring the SERIAL6 parameters as per the Matek wiki (Chibios). I am runnng Arduplane 4.0.0.

So it looks like I too will need an inverter cable . . . .

Could you pls provide your wiring connections for SBUS & S.port between the R-XSR <-> inverter <-> F405-Wing, and your SERIALx parameters?


My wires are as follows:

  • R-XSR 5V & GND -> F405-Wing 5V & GND (no point in running it 4.5 since inverter isn’t)
  • Inverter 5V & GND -> F405-Wing 5V & GND
  • R-XSR SBUS -> F405-Wing R2
  • R-XSR SmartPort -> Inverter Input
  • Inverter RX (Green Wire) -> F405-Wing T6
  • Inverter TX (Yellow Wire)-> F405-Wing R6

My options are as follows:

  • SERIAL6_BAUD = 57600
  • SERIAL6_PROTOCOL = 10 (SPort Passthrough)

I have working telemetry with this setup and the Amazon Yaapu inverter thing.

As @aMax52 also pointed out the Jumper R8 receiver has this inverter built in and can be plugged direct to T6 and R6 without the need for additional hardware.

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Many tx. I like proven solutions, so will follow your path :slight_smile: