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Anyone have FrSky SmartPort telemetry working on a Matek F405 Wing?

I finally got this to work also, with an inverter built from a circuit diagram. This same inverter also works great with my pixhawk FC. I could not get MAX232 based inverters to work on either FC, probably due to cheap clone MAX232 chips. The uninverted signal fromthe P pad also did not work with the R-XSR receiver. The attached document is in german but the circuits are easy to follow. You can substitute 2N3904 transistors, but be careful as the pinouts are the reverse of a BC547. 2N3904s are more common in the US, BC547s more common in Europe. Any electronics lab probably has both, as does Amazon.
RS232_Inverter.pdf (332.4 KB)

In case someone finds this helpful, R9m Slim + with flex firmware,Matek 405 wing and arduplane 4.0

Rx1(Inverted S.Port) ------> Tx1 on F405
Serial 1 baud 57
Serial 1 Options 4
Serial Protocol 4

FYI The latest ArduPilot builds support F.Port with telemetry over one wire… Might be worth using that instead of additional hardware.

i was under the impression Fport was not stable yet

It’s not but I have yet to have any issues with the latest master… Might be worth waiting until it gets into stable though.

Good to Know, i’ve read some people are only getting it to work with the yaapu scripts, do you know if by any chance that mean it only supports passthrough?

I am running a “hacked” XSR and F405 Wing.
T1 - A
R1 - B


s. here


SERIAL1_PROTOCOL 4 works as well
SERIAL1_OPTIONS 0 works as well

might sharing your settings and connections, i cant seem to make mine work

I’m using a G-Rx6 with the F405 and the Amazon inverter cable. I’ve tried T6/R6 and T1/R1 but T16 still says ‘No Telemetry’.

Quick question re Inverter: The blue and black wires on the one end - blue is connected to the smart port (in my case, the yellow wire) - does the black (gnd) wire need to be connected? It seems to be common to the black (gnd) on the other side, so I thought it might not be necessary to connect it. Dumb question?
… just tested hooking up the black wire…yes, it’s important! Working now…



I read the posts above but I’m not sure. If i buy a F405-Wing and use the S.Port Telemetry - do I need the invertercable?
Rx will be an FrSky Rx6R or X4R

Thanks for your answers!

Hi, been Trying to get s. Port telemetry out of my omnibus f4 pro… Copter. 4.0.3, R9 Rx. With a diy rs232 ttl cable.(as shown by Painless360)
Tried diferant chips from diferant vendors butto no avail.
It does work with slim+ on rx1 using halfduplex opt. (protocol 10 & 4 woked)
Cant see what Im doing wrong. Tried phisicaly switching the Rx, tx pins but no sensors are discoversd… (protocol 10 option 0 baud 57)
Any one has some Light to shed here?
Thank you.

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