30KM 1080p 60fps 150ms - SIYI HM30 Full HD Digital Video Link Telemetry Radio System

Hello everyone,

This is Frank from SIYI Technology, a company focus on making advanced and reliable links for commercial drones especially coming with open-source platforms.

There is a new model which we would like to share with the community.

Model Name: HM30
Description: A brand new FPV system comes with radio control, datalink telemetry, and 1080p 60fps 150ms FPV image transmission. Sold with both air unit and ground unit, and recording FPV camera in the advanced combo.
Delivery Date: Not late than October, 2021.

Attached product details in pictures.
Welcome to ask me directly anything about the system.

Thanks to all!

Fresh new range test result 30 kilometers breakthrough

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Hi Frank,

I am a consultant assessing and recommending uav configurations (mostly for facility security and monitoring).

How many units can operate in the same area without interfering with one another?

What frequency/modulation/tx power does the system use? In an urban environment, what is the range of smooth usable video streaming? (720i @ 10fps or so).

How or where may I obtain a demo unit for review?

Thank you.

Hi @St_Pete_Guy

Thanks for your post.

At this moment, HM30 supports max 5 frequency channels without interfering to each one, and it is suggested not to use more than 3 channels in a crowding environment.

Frequency is at 5.8 GHz band, DFHS, less than 27 dBm.

In urban environment, the range should be between 5 to 10 kilometers, ground to air, depending the exact interference strength there.

For purchasing, please save the HM30 link in SIYI Official AliExpress.

As long as it is ready for shipping, we will add stock to the link immediately.

Best regards,

Hi Frank,

I see product specs on HolyBro website and I am interested in the HM30-FPV-Combo.

  1. I think you have labeled the transmitter and receiver incorrectly in the system diagram. Could you please clarify?
  2. Will you sell Air-Unit separately, and if yes, what is the binding process with the ground module?
  3. Could you please tell us bit more about the IP camera listed on the spec sheet?
  4. Can we use other types of IP camera with the air unit, must have a special type connect?


Thanks for your post, Riz.

What do you suggest on labeling the transmitter and the receiver? Please advice.

Yes, the air unit is sold with the ground unit and is also sold separately.
The binding process is quite similar to the model MK15. And the steps will be listed in HM30 user manual a bit later.
The difference is that HM30 starts binding in its OLED screen instead of in the SIYI TX app.

Here is the camera specs.

As long as the IP camera outputs RTSP video stream and can connect the Ethernet port, it will work with HM30.

Hi Frank,

I would recommend Ground Station Module and AirUnit. see pic below.


Is this product now available to order or still under development? I think I read somewhere taking pre-orders?

It is ready to order.

Welcome to purchase from SIYI official store.

Iā€™m very interested in this product, the power to groud station side can be provided tia USB or the telemetry port, or it is only via the xt30 connector? thanks

Can you clarify why the pricing has suddenly fallen to $12 on Aliexpress instead of $220 as mentioned previously?

It is also very unclear as to what is being purchased there.

There are two ways to power the ground unit.

  1. 7~16.8V power to the XT30 connector
  2. Fast-release battery power

The other ports are just functional ports except for the VCC port which outputs power.

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Hi Mike,

Some accessories are added into the HM30 link, I think the $12 price belongs to one accessory.

In a word, the HM30 system is a long-range full HD FPV system with remote control, telemetry, and OSD built-in.

Welcome to read about the below FAQ for a little more detail.


  1. What is HM30?

    A long-range full HD FPV system with remote control, telemetry, and OSD built-in.

  2. What frequency bands do HM30 use?

    5100 to 5825 MHz, centering at 5550 MHz.

  3. Can I replace the antennas on HM30?
    Yes, of course.
    Both the ground unit and the air unit are using SMA connectors for antenna installation.

    SIYI original antennas are:
    4 x Omni Antennas (2 for ground, 2 for air)
    2 x Directional Antennas (for ground)

    SIYI sold-alone antenna choices are:
    17 dB High Gain Antenna
    Lollipop Antenna

  4. How much transmitting power in HM30?
    Around 25 dBm / 320 mW

  5. What is the effective range?
    The latest record is 50 km.
    With different antenna setup and in different wireless mode, the range limit is different.
    26 KM Range Test Full Video - SIYI HM30 Full HD Image Transmission System
    Amazing Record 42 KM Range Test Full Video - SIYI HM30

  6. What flight controllers are compatible with HM30?
    To use the OSD overlay, the flight controllers should support Mavlink output, such as
    Ardupilot, PX4, INAV, etc.
    If the OSD overlay is not necessary, then any flight controllers are compatible.

  7. What remote controllers are compatible with HM30?
    Any remote controllers which support S.Bus or PPM output.

  8. What interfaces to output video stream on HM30 ground unit?
    LAN (UDP telemetry simultaneously)
    Internal WiFi (UDP telemetry simultaneously)
    USB WiFi (UDP telemetry simultaneously)

  9. Does HM30 ground unit support HDMI output?
    Yes but with a sold-alone LAN-HDMI Output Converter Module.

  10. Does HM30 air unit support HDMI input?
    Yes but with a sold-alone HDMI-Ethernet Input Converter Module.

  11. What are the dimensions and the weight of the HM30 unit and the FPV camera?
    Air Unit
    Dimension: 70x55x24 mm (antenna detached, fan height included)
    Weight: 74 g (antenna detached)

    FPV Camera
    Dimension: 42x42x25 mm
    Weight: 23 g

  12. What kind of models are the most suitable for HM30?
    FPV wings and multirotors

Hello everyone, the HM30 user manual has been updated into the HM30 Google Drive Link, welcome to have a check!