Notice - A $2?9 Mini Android Controller from SIYI - 10 KM Range @ 1080P 180 ms, 8-core CPU

Any news on the bridge from wifi to onboard?

Hello @SIYI
Thank you for presenting this controller for us. It was great and helpful.
I have MK15 and CUAV RTK. I connected the two via Serial. but I did not receive RTK data.
Could you please tell me that how can I use it with Serial? Did you receive data with Mission Planner?

I heard that Auterion app has supported bridge to onboard, welcome to have a try

Sorry for late reply
Have you tried to contact CUAV at the same time? I am also contacting CUAV for feedback. Will update asap.

Hello Everyone,

SIYI has released many different options of cameras for MK15. And there will be more.

Currently we have

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Besides, the same link of MK15 has been applied to two more models

Welcome to have a try!

Which app do you mean?

Hi Frank,
I have problems with video signal. At a distance of hundreds of meters, the image may freeze for seconds, at a distance of several kilometers, the image may freeze for minutes. The maximum image reception range is 25 km. The maximum range of control and telemetry is 37 km (with interruptions). We use MK15 and HM30 (two tramsmitters and two receivers), omni antennas, siyi patch and 21db patch. Firmware HM30_AU_FW_(N32)v5.2.4 and HM30_GU_FWv0.1.9. Tested in different modes and different bitrates. Can you advise something? Here is an example of how the image disappeared at a distance of 1.5 km and was restored at a distance of 100m.

Am i the only one getting 400-500 meters before the connection is lost? In same place, same drone, same day i get around 2km with an herelink. MK15 was tested with regular stick antenna that come with the radio and upgrade patch antenna from Siyi.

Made same test with only a test rig with a camera and we get 500 meters on MK15 and same 2km with heelink. So more or less same as when it is on the drone.

It seems i can’t get more that 500 meters out of the MK15.

Maybe you’ll get more attention if you open a new thread. This one is about MK15 radio.

You are working with Davit, right?
I’ve suggested on his issue according to this video.

In the video,

  1. You are using one 21 dB antenna and one omni antenna. We never suggest customers using like that. Since you haven’t get longer than 5km range with HM30, please start with 5km mode and omni antennas only.
  2. In the video, it is 24 km mode. We can talk about detail guide for this wireless mode later when you successfully get 5 km and 8 km.
  3. The video also shows that you were flying at about 50m altitude. If you are going to fly more than 20 km, please fly higher like 100 to 150 meters.

For anyone who want to have the best range performance with MK15/HM30/MK32, please carefully read the antenna and wireless mode guide in the manuals chapter 2.2.

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Hi Frank. Yes, I work with Davit.
Today we tested the third set at a different location. At a distance of 1.3 km, the image is frozen (MK15, omni antennas). We take off from the mountain and the flight altitude above the landscape is several hundred meters (long range with 21db patch). Unfortunately, a clear image cannot be achieved.
With any antenna, we have defects in the image at a distance of hundreds of meters. At a distance of 10-20 km, a clear image takes minutes to update. If we turn on two remotes, then the amount of interference doubles.

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@Aleksey_Zaitsevsky You too have problems with frozen image at few hundred meters?

@SIYI we followed carefully manual chapter 2.2, antenna are properly spaced, tight and cables are not overlapped or near strong electrical fields, tested all transmission modes on the transmitter but we can’t reach more than 350-400 meters before we get image freezing and failsafes. We also made sure the flat part of antenna of drone and transmitter are facing each other (drone an transmitter).
Performance is really poor, don’t know what else we could have tested. As said before on same drone we can easily get 1.5-2km on herelink.

Do you have a manual where wireless modes are explained?


Found the recent manual and antenna placement document. Nothing new, all reccomandations we already followed. Nowhere is really explained what are the real differences between wireless modes.

Did you test the location services trick? Mine has really poor range, could be the location services in my case too?

Thank you for reply
Yes, they told us we should connect it to QGC with USB port.
Could you please show me how did you test it before?
We want it as a moving base.

As we consulted from CUAV, the most feasible way is to connect RTK Base to Windows QGC / MP. The RTK module does not talk to Android QGC. Maybe Android Mission Planner can talk, remain to be tested.
And datalink stream should be forwarded from remote controller to PC.

On MK15, you can use the bottom upgrade port to output datalink stream to PC.

Thank you for follow up
I have tested. CUAV RTK with Windows QGC / MP worked well.
In addition, I also tested through Android Mission Planner and everything worked correctly.


Frank recommends that I turn the onboard omni antenna 90 degrees so that the flat side is turned towards the operator. How to turn the plane in flight is not clear. Sometimes we need to restart the application in order to restore the image. May be I should chase the drone by car to get a better result?

The advice by frank about the drone antenna facing the operator is really stupid, drone moves around how can it always point the operator.
MK15 is by far the worst range radio we have ever tested. I never had more than 400 meters at 30 meters altitude. We just sent back a new mk15 just got for a customer to the shop and will test a skydroid h16, hopefully with better results.