ZR30 4K AI 180X Hybrid Zoom Optical Pod - First SIYI gimbal with quick release feature

Dear Ardupilot Community,

Here comes SIYI’s first new product in the year of 2023!

ZR30 4K AI 180X Hybrid Zoom Optical Pod

The first SIYI gimbal with quick release structure. Up to 180X hybrid zoom and 30X optical zoom, carrying a 4K 1/2.7-inch Sony CMOS, coming with powerful AI identify and tracking based on neural network professing unit, and 4K video recording and photography, Ethernet and HDMI output are compatible with both SIYI links and third-party links. ZR30’s industry-level 3-axis stabilizing technology and high-precision FOC control algorithms ensure absolutely stable imaging and zooming ability during flight. HDR and starlight night vision feature can extend the application of gimbal camera in both day and night. ZR30 is a rare and good payload for multi-rotors, VTOLs, and robotics.

Pre-sale of ZR30 has started. Welcome to inquire and order!

ZR30 is compatible with the Ardupilot driver for SIYI gimbal, supported by @rmackay9


Nice. Does this one have ONVIF support?

Thanks for your attention everytime.

We did some market research on ONVIF support to our gimbals. Unfortunately, you are still the only one who request for this feature so far. So, we cannot give a priority to the development of ONVIF.

However, once the requirement is clear. It will be software work only.

Hello Frank. @SIYI Looks amazing. My Team is ready to test this Camera. Please send me a private message.

Keep releasing new stuff and forget about customers with problems that are not solved…I wonder what bug will this one have that is not going to be solved once again.

I think the last post on the ZR10 issue is more an RC issue than ZR10. When you read Anton’s post it states: “Meanwhile when I used SIYI HM-30 to control zoom with Android app it works smooth in the full range.” So IMHO the ZR10 is not the problem. But let SIYI reply on this

We can talk about MK15 that are sent to international customers set in chinese and people have difficulties to turn them to english, or the QGC version developed of which they never released the source code even if they should…

Welcome to complain anything, but it is better to put them in relevant discussion, do you agree?

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when will release the source if the app?

What is the weight of the camera? . Is there optical or digital image stabilization? Where can I read the detailed specifications?

something about death, taxes, and mshuav commenting under every single SIYI’s post

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Full specs are here

There is no other stabilization to the camera except for gimbal stabilization.

If this is a pre-order, when will the deliveries be in a stable time frame?

Thanks for the attention
ZR30 will start shipping in early March

ZR30 User Manual is released. Welcome to have a check!

I hope the next Сamera will be thermal?)

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ZR30 Zooming Footage at 30X Optical Zoom (Engineering Sample)

Can you demonstrate ZR30 zooming footage at 180X?

Here comes the 4K footage

It is the next video