ZR10 2K QHD 30X Hybrid Zoom Gimbal Camera - SIYI's first industry gimbal camera and it won't be the last

S.Bus out directly from transmitter?

I’ve re-uploaded it by compressing to .zip file. Kindly have a check.

no, from pixhawk sbus out

S.Bus out from air unit is enough. Why should it pass to flight controller?

In case anyone is testing the AP Siyi driver (available only in ArduPilot 4.4.0-DEV) the setup instructions had missed one parameter setting to allow control of the camera. I’ve updated the instructions in the PR.

  • CAM_TRIGG_TYPE = 3 (Mount)

I’m at a search and rescue competition for the next few days (and I’m using the Siyi gimbal) but after that I’ll complete the wiki setup page.

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I saw a comment here in the PR AP_Mount: add Siyi gimbal driver by rmackay9 · Pull Request #21787 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub but I was wondering if anyone else has experience using this gimbal/camera in autonomous photo capture/i.e. mapping type mission scenarios.

Another question I had seems related to the issues @rvjenya was having - as best I could tell, there is not a good way yet to integrate the video feed coming down to the MK15 into a GCS like QGround Control or Mission Planner running on the controller itself or on a laptop - is this correct? Has anyone been able to get this working? I think I’m in way over my head learning about how this works, but would something similar to this video be possible? How to use UVC and EasyCap devices on QGC(QGroundControl) via USB Camera app? - YouTube

Yes. We have problems with the integration video flow from zr10 and our QGroundControl. But we are building QGC for the Android app. We don’t use the official app because that has a problem with video quality after 300m from the home point.
Please try modified QGC from @SIYI

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I know the team @SIYI work by camera firmware but now we can not use this camera with our own app. I’m finding developers who help me with this issue.

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For those using the SIYI ZR10, we’ve just added this wiki page with SIYI ZR10 setup instructions. This is still only for use with “latest” (aka ArduPilot 4.4.0-DEV) but it will naturally make it into the stable release eventually.


There’s only one option to change resolution in SIYI assistant

Hello everyone,

SIYI just have a new gimbal released and hope you will like it. Welcome to check out!

Hello Frank. I’m ready to test this camera. Contact me.

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You did a great job, and I appreciate you; thank you


@SIYI Frank, my team looks forward to the firmware update (from your team - ASAP) where the DONL field will be. Without this, we cannot buy new cameras. Please help us. Thank you.

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I just tried to do the microSD card update for the camera and I think it bricked the camera. I get the RED-RED-YELLOW flashing on the gimbal now. How can I fix this??

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Please try to flash the firmware again
Better having a different SD card to try as well

It took me a couple tries for it to work, and several SD cards.

The instructions aren’t clear on how to format the SD card (fat16 in the comments above, fat32 referenced elsewhere, nothing in the manual) and the max size it should be.

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Thanks to develop driver.
Is it available to forwarding camera information and gimbal information to mavlink?
Also it can be control by mavlink?

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Yes, the ZR10 can be controlled via mavlink and the autopilot also forwards the gimbal’s attitude to the GCS using mavlink. In case it helps, we have this developer focused page that shows which mavlink commands can be used but of course, most users will use MP (or another GCS’s) built in commands like MP’s right-mouse-button-click, “Point Camera Here” control.

The A8 should also work.

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Hello Frank. Do you have new firmware for ZR10?
And how about my previous message about water resistance for ZR10?

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Card should be FAT32
We suggest that you also have a check of this video guide which is more detail and clear

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