ZR10 2K QHD 30X Hybrid Zoom Gimbal Camera - SIYI's first industry gimbal camera and it won't be the last

Dear Ardupilot Community,

Before today, SIYI is mostly known as a hardware company focus on integrated remote controller and image transmission technologies. The principle that our product team follow is to having an edge both in applied technology and in cost. The two latest SIYI models, MK15 Mini HD Handheld Smart Controller and HM30 Full HD Image Transmission System, are great examples accomplished for this principle.

Now we think it is time to bring the same principle for gimbal cameras and make a popular series for the community and UAV/UAS builders.

Model Name: ZR10
Description: A 30X Hybrid Zoom 3-Axis Gimbal Camera with 4MP 2K Quad HD 1440p Resolution and Recording Ability HDR and Night Vision

Price: $699
Presale: $499
Shipping Date: Before June 30, 2022
Presale End Date: July 31, 2022

Welcome to ask me directly anything about the camera.


ZR10 Technical Specifications


Model: ZR10

Video Output Port: Ethernet

Control Signal Input Port: S.Bus / PPM / UART / UDP

Power Consumption: 5 W

Dimension: 12110178 mm

Weight: 381 g

Waterproof Level: IP53

Angular Vibration Range: ±0.01°

Working Voltage: 11 ~ 25.2 V

Working Temperature: -10 ~ 50 ℃


Lens: 10X Optical Zoom, 3X Digital Zoom

Focal Length: 5.15±5% ~ 47.38±5% mm

Aperture: F1.8 ~ F2.5

Focus: 0.2 m to ∞

FOV: Diagonal 79.5°, Horizontal 71.5°

CMOS: 1/2.7”, 4 MP

TF Recording Resolution: 2560*1440 @ 30 fps

Video Storage Bitrate: 12 Mbps

File Storage Format: FAT32

Still Photography Mode: Single

Image Format: JPEG

Video Format: MP (Originally recorded in H.265 file, converted to MP4 file after reboot)

Metering Mode: Evaluative metering

White Balance: Auto

Supported MicroSD Cards: MicroSD Class10 (Max 32GB, will support 128GB by firmware update)

Does it have an ethernet connection?
Can it be used s a normal web surveillance camera?

Yes, it is Ethernet connection.


what connector it is use?

The mmc uac Marketing team should learn from this excellent post.
Features, price , availability and product name are all clear.

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This is an IP camera

What format is the live video on the ETH port? H264? H265? Other?
Can the bitrate of the live stream be changed? Or it’s fixed to 12mbps?
What about the latency of the live video feed?
Is there a link where to buy/preorder from?

Thanks for your post.
Please note that the camera itself has no image transmission module. It looks like your questions are all for the image transmission links.

For the HM30 or MK15 links, the answers are:

H264 and H265 both

The bandwidth is 14 Mbps and the bitrate can be changed on camera side.

around 150 ms

You are going to preorder the ZR10 camera, right?

Does it support ONVIF standard for IP surveillance cameras?
Can the gimbal be controlled serially using mavlink?

Hi! Is there a link where to buy/preorder from? I’m going to order it for testing.

It does not at this moment. Is it very necessary for a UAV gimbal camera? A little more information can be very helpful. Thanks!

Already working on it.

When using a professional surveillance system with dozens of cameras, all cameras need to have ONVIF support in order to be remotely controlled from the surveillance control Station.

Thank you for the answers.
I have my own transmission link, I was curious about the camera capabilities only.
How can the camera be preordered?

Dear Frank Wang, I repeat my question. Where is the link to order? How can I order a sample?

The camera is IP output.
What is your transmission link like?

@petrusoroaga @rlazarev
Thank you very much.
At this moment, you can order from the below Alibaba link. Please note that it will take us 30 days to ship your order.

We are also trying to support ordering from SIYI Official Store directly ASAP.

eth over 5.8ghz radio

@SIYI Do you have any video samples of the camera video stream? I’m interested to see how WDR and AWB looks into the sun light and also how the lowlight capabilities look.

Well noted.
We will start to post video samples asap.