30KM 1080p 60fps 150ms - SIYI HM30 Full HD Digital Video Link Telemetry Radio System

You don’t have to switch it.
You can see two video streams at the same time by connecting two cameras to the same air unit through FPV Hub.

Like this video

@SIYI Hi Frank, this is more an observation and not so much a question. …

There are no (/not much) USB-C WiFi adapters out there so I use a standard USB adapter with a USB → USB-C converter on the HM30 for external WiFi. These converters plugs are quite big and other ports like power cannot be used anymore so I bought a USB-C hub for use with my WiFi adapter.
This does not work.

The HM30 USB-C port does not recognize a HUB

we want to find a digital video link telemetyr radio system that can transmitt the signal more than 5 km on ground ,about 2 meters high,is ths model can fit this need?

What is the purpose of this system?
For photography like DJI Transmission?

Can you explain where to buy the cam #2. As I learned, it must have another IP Adresse.
Or is it possible to change this Adresse and how.

The camera B is not always in stock but if you mention it in SIYI Official Store. We will take care of it.
This is the guide to change IP addresses.

In the future SIYI FPV updates, we will save the IP addresses input steps for customers who use SIYI R1 Recording Camera, ZR10 Gimbal Camera, and other future released or updated camera models by simply selecting Camera A or B in the app. And customers can still input IP addresses if they like.

Welcome to learn about ZR10 Gimbal Camera.

I found more infos about the Cam ZR10

I have another question. Do we have to change ardupilot parameters to make this system work? I had a Dragonlink and I want to know what kind of params should I have.
Also where is the app ?

It is not a question for most customers according to our experience. If there were ardupilot parameters to change, it will be baud rate change for Mavlink telemetry.

The link to download app:

I use a miniPix and mission planner. I just installed the plane firmware into the miniPix > connected the wires > controls just worked. Of course I have to program the miniPix…

I will FPV through goggles and don’t push video through mission planner or ground control.

Can you please help me, video starts to freeze after 1km and stops after 1.5km even in 40km mode, used stock antennas and patch antennas…
Maybe you can advice what i’ve missed?

I would rotate the antennas 90 degrees

Using WiFi for Videolink and/or TC-Link via HF from the Transmitter to a Receiver at the Ground Station, I had the same effect even shorter distance.
I use now this configuration. Both tablets WiFi disabled.
Video Tablet, bluetooth disabled also.

No freezing or connection broken, but tested for 2 km in 8km FPV only with small Patch antennas.

maybe 45 degrees?
maybe 45 degrees?

No, the pointing down is good. But tak care that the flat side of the antenna’s is not pointing to the carbon (legs)

use in the car or something

does anyone made a support for the tx for a radiomaster?

Here in the TX external Modul-Box you can connect HM30 Ground Unit RC Link .
You need to select in Radiomaster Model Menu the external Modul as SBUS and internal Modul off.
So you have 16 Channels.

This picture is from @Risto

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ohh man thanks, not for what I asked but I love this info also. I was looking for a cad file for a 3d print support for this tx so I can attach it to my radiomaster at the back :smile:
Thanks for that file, i needed it anyway :smiley:

can’t install the apk tx on my tablet, says on my galaxy tablet that the app can’t be installed.

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