X11 plus weird sound from motor

I redid those, and the one thing on battery i didn’t do this is voltmultiplier, because of the power brick, i used to see that 26V not 2, and it will be harder for me. So i keep at 12.02. That’s works for me best. What our next step? Takeoff maybe? X11.zip | Files.fm.

You do you mean? Please explain better.

You need to correct the voltmultiplier and the currentmultiplier and send me the corrected files.

The tool tells me that the last file that you uploaded is 14 but I think you need to also upload 17, 18 and 19.

After all that flight 20 is possible.

Here you go, I corrected everything, That one should be alright, I mean. So now i can takeoff ? X11.zip | Files.fm.

No you did not, the batt1 file has not changed :frowning:

And is your MOT_THST_HOVER 0.2 or 0.13? That is not clear and is important for step 19

Did you fly for at least 30 seconds in ALT_HOLD mode in order for the FC to learn the MOT_THST_HOVER value?

Read section 3 again if you are unsure.
Impatience crashes vehicles.

@amilcarlucas Hello my friend, I got to takeoff and it was some problems, copter almost crashed and I got ek3 lane switch, but everything fine. After i put hover and made notch filter change, I took off Put althold and he started to lose position, random ups and downs, so I want to know what was source of that? What made him to do like this?

Not jumping into the tuning process here just observations and perhaps you have only touched the surface of this process in 3 days, but there is no Attitude or Rate logging. But there sure is a lot of Throttle Output oscillation…

Causing Motor Output jitter:

And, not that you can set the Notch Filter at this poor state of tune but there is no throttle data in the log for the filter analysis.
Notch error

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  1. Voltage monitoring seams to be working, have you tested it with a multimeter?

  2. Current Monitoring is not working. What current sensor do you have? How have you calibrated it?

  3. Logging options are not fully correct:
    Add INS_RAW_LOG_OPT = 9 in the 13_logging.param file (set bits 0 and 3)
    upload the file to the FC.

  4. I am not sure that MOT_THST_EXPO is correct for that Hobbywing ESC

  5. What did you change in the notch filter? I do not see any Notch changes in the files.

  1. Yes i measure it with multimeter. 2. I don’t have opportunity to measure current like I saw in the video. 3. I have been added your file to configurator. 4. this is not a T-Motor esc, this is hobbywing motor with esc already. 5. Yeah, I wasn’t made changes in your file, but it was in bin, I have been changed REF. X11.zip | Files.fm.

Okay, I see, We saw some thing going with eyes but little bit, seemed later it fixed it self, but after I put those values mot_thst_hover it happend with those ekf, sooo what I should do next? try to bring back values ir try another time?

  1. If you do not have a current monitor, disable it.
    If you do have one, calibrate it and configure it. Almost all multimeters can measure at least 10A

Please change parameters only with the GUI, so that the files get saved. That is the point of this exercise!

Address point number 2 and provide an edited .zip file whenever you change a parameter.

Yes, I can extract the parameters from the .bin file, but I do not want to.

Okay, will do, I will change when i will be at home. So after fix number 2 I should go to test and takeoff?

Yes, you should do the Quicktune, and we all hope that that reduces the throttle oscillations causing the motor noise.

After that we need to improve the notch filter config.

Please post a photo of your battery monitor. Does it really monitor voltage AND current?

Hello, this is the photo of my power brick.

Looks like a PM02.
Is that a PM02?

And looks like you do not let the main current flow through it.
Is that correct?

PB01A21 this is the code, I using those, but in copter both sides turned on. That one comes with CubeOrange. I using what from that box. nothing bought manual.

That module can only be used for 40A continuous.

I guess your vehicle needs more than that.

If that component fails due to over-current on the current sense resistor it will cause the resistor to burn and your vehicle will crash.

Or 30A maybe if it’s a Power Brick Mini which it looks like.

You know somehting is wrong when Current tracks voltage. Replace the Power module:

Okay, we use one battery to cube, so cube getting 6S, motors turned on to 12S, If it’s wrong, what power brick could you guys recommend? What can go wrong with this one and what better brick could change?

I don’t understand this battery strategy. Explain again. Use a power module capable of 12S and the max power required for the craft and power the Cube from it.