Wind Speed EKF Channel


I’ve been seeing some very strange behavior in my quad-plane (Cube Orange 4.3.3) in recent flights. Airspeed is far above commanded airspeed and the aircraft seems to think it needs to execute a Q-assist even though its airspeed is above the Q-assist threshold (see the first graph below). Wind speed indicated is very high, the wind speed in XKF2 channel 0 looks correct, but channel 1 is way to high (see the second graph below) for some reason, the cube chooses channel 1 to go off of. In addition, AOA seems to be jumping from normal levels to near 90 or -90 very often (see the third graph below).

Is there a known fix to this issue? Is this a problem specific to 4.3.3? If not, what hardware should I be suspicious of? What tests can I run to better understand the problem?