Why do I have three IMUs?

Dear AP,

Perhaps I am missing something, but why do I have three IMU’s onboard, and how should I process the data?

  1. Is it for redundancy purposes only?

  2. What would be my best strategy for finding the e.g. acceleration in x? Would it be to take the average of the three sensors? Or listen to the one of the three? I can imagine they are placed along the x, y and z axis respectively. The first two IMUs seem to give very similar results, whereas the third IMU has some offset.

Thanks for the insights and tips,


with the CUBE each imu is capable of reading x,y,andz information. the first 2 imu (0,1) use a vibration isolator, these are the primary imu, the 3rd imu (tertiary) has no vibe dampening. they will all 3 vary slightly, with the 3rd imu (2) typically showing the hasher results


Dear mbuilds,

Thanks for your swift reply. That already clarifies quite a lot.