Which Lidar is best suited for my Pozyx project?

Doing the IndoorLoiter project based on this project https://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/common-pozyx.html

Now I’m facing issues due the precision of the pozyx anchor ranging system. The Z-axis has a 20cm off accuracy which is causing Altitude “instability”. I want to maximise the stability, so I can resume my project and plan missions indoors. Accuracy is something where I’m looking for in this project, because the drone needs to map it’s course, so it can be flown again by the drone pilot. I did some research and found some Lidars that are being supported by ArduPilot/MP. My budget is max. around €50,00 for the Lidar. So this bring me to the following Lidars:

Does a combination with an optical flow sensor makes much difference?

Anyone here tested one of these and is very satiesfied with its performance?

My project summary can be found on this link:

P.S. Flying in a drone cage 12,8 meter by 6,8 meter with an max flying height of 3 meter.